Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Rural Four - Catalyst, Collaborate, Create and Champion

This dedicated programme of support for community projects in England, Scotland and Wales is funded by Players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Now in its third year the project seeks to reach out and engage with up to 10 rural communities annually to help deliver and reinvigorate community assets and services.

Overall, the Rural Four project aims to
  • Reinvigorate community networks by assisting with rebuilding community assets;
  • Improve the health and well-being of socially isolated people through providing access to improved community assets and a network of support;
  • Create a lasting legacy of support and community spirit in the areas supported.
Working with our partners including Scottish Business in the Community, the Plunkett Foundation and Pub is the Hub our networks are used as a catalyst for community engagement. Support and guidance is provided to communities to collaborate and learn from others to build plans for projects that reinvigorate or restore vital assets. Funding is then provided to those that meet our eligibility criteria in order to support the community to create change.
The Fund is proud to have already provided 13 communities with funding from this programme and continues to work with them to champion and promote the impact on the lives of local residents.

Interested in applying?

Funding of up to £25,000 is available and applications are welcome now. Grants will be awarded in line with the Fund’s grant programme eligibility criteria with a particular focus on tackling isolation and improving the health and wellbeing of people living in sparsely populated areas. Organisations and groups applying should have proven success of the community working together and a governance structure in place.
To find out more please contact Sophie Middleton on 020 7566 6615 or email.
(Source: Grants Online)

Tuesday, 8 January 2019



To nominate go to: (English) (Welsh) 

or visit:

Funding to help communities boost their local environment – Deadline 18th January 2019

Don’t miss out! The deadline for the second round of the Landfill Tax Communities scheme is the 18th January 2019 (23:59).
Grants of between £5,000 and £50,000 will be available for projects that meet the scheme criteria. WCVA may also award a grant to one nationally significant project with a value of between £50,000 - £250,000. The application process can be viewed on WCVA’s website –
From here you will find information on how to access the application forms on eTender Wales. Please note there is one form for the main grants and a separate one for the nationally significant grant.
The Scheme encourages activities that help native wildlife and restore, maintain and enhance natural habitats, create community green space, and encourage prevention, re-use and recycling of waste, including food waste and composting initiatives. It will also fund the creation of green infrastructure – such as allotments, hedges, green roofs, parks and gardens – improvements to community facilities and activities to bring neglected and run-down areas back into community use.
Applications are welcomed from all sectors. Check out the scheme guidance document on the website for more information about what the scheme will fund.

Ewch amdani! Y dyddiad cau ar gyfer ail rownd cynllun Cymunedau y Dreth Tirlenwi yw 18fed Ionawr 2019 (23:59).
Bydd grantiau rhwng £5,000 a £50,000 ar gael i brosiectau sy’n cyd-fynd â meini prawf y cynllun. Mae’n bosib y bydd WCVA hefyd yn dyfarnu grant i un prosiect o arwyddocâd cenedlaethol gwerth rhwng £50,000 a £250,000. Mae manylion y broses ymgeisio ar gael ar wefan WCVA -
Ar y dudalen honno ar y wefan ceir gwybodaeth hefyd am sut i gael at y ffurflenni cais ar eDendro Cymru. Sylwch y ceir un ffurflen ar gyfer y prif grantiau a ffurflen ar wahân ar gyfer y grant o arwyddocâd cenedlaethol.
Mae’r Cynllun yn annog gweithgareddau sy’n helpu bywyd gwyllt cynhenid ac sy’n adfer, yn cynnal ac yn hybu cynefinoedd naturiol, yn creu mannau gwyrdd cymunedol, ac yn annog atal, ailddefnyddio ac ailgylchu gwastraff, gan gynnwys mentrau gwastraff bwyd a chompostio. Bydd hefyd yn ariannu mentrau i greu seilwaith gwyrdd – megis rhandiroedd garddio, gwrychoedd, toeau gwyrdd, parciau a gerddi – gwella cyfleusterau cymunedol a gweithgareddau i’w gwneud yn bosib i gymunedau ailddechrau defnyddio llefydd diffaith sydd wedi’u hesgeuluso.
Croesawir ceisiadau o bob sector. Darllenwch ddogfen ganllaw’r cynllun ar y wefan i gael rhagor o wybodaeth am yr hyn y bydd y cynllun yn ei ariannu.

(Source: WCVA)

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Does your organisation want to become more sustainable and open up new income streams? Do you want to develop an engaged, larger supporter base? Do you need to raise unrestricted funding to help cover core running costs?

Lauren Swain, Localgiving's Wales Development Manager, is here to speak about how small charities and community groups achieve these goals. The workshop will focus on how to optimise online fundraising in an easy and cost effective way to help groups like yours fundraise effectively online.

This session is tailored to the needs of small charities and community groups that want to give their online fundraising a boost. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to hear about Localgiving's development programme in Wales, which offers a year of free help, free training and £200 match funding per group. For more information on what Localgiving giving offers click here: or contact Lauren via


Friday, 21 December 2018


The Small Grant Scheme to Promote Health and Wellbeing is funded by Powys Local Health Board. The scheme is administered by Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations on behalf of the funders.
The aim of the Small Grant Scheme to Promote Health and Wellbeing is to encourage community groups and communities of interest to undertake activities that support the strategic priorities of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014in relation to: Well-being
Examples of possible activities:
  • Prevention / health promotion
  • Promoting and maintaining independence
The Small Grant Scheme to Promote Health and Wellbeing will provide funds to enable voluntary sector groups, communities and communities of interest to buy equipment and / or to set up / extend or sustain small scale innovative activities that address the specific objectives in relation to health and well-being as identified above.
Awards of £200 up to £1,500 are available for organisations that meet the eligibility and grant criteria.

Organisations applying for the grant must:
  1. Be members of PAVO*
  2. Have a governing document
  3. Have a bank account
  4. Demonstrate an ability to manage a grant
  5. Demonstrate that they have in place the relevant polices and insurances
  6. Enable them to fulfil aims including health and safety,
  7. Address one or more of the funding priorities and have evidence of need

*If your organisation is not currently a member of PAVO, but feel that you are eligible to apply, please follow the link:
or contact the PAVO office on 01597 822191 to receive a membership form.
All organisations applying will be offered the support of a PAVO Development Officer to support them with their application. 

Grant criteria
Funding will be available for two strands of activity.  Organisations may submit separate applications for both priorities but should identify the primary priority (prevention / health promotion or promoting and maintaining independence) on each application form.

Prevention / Health Promotion
Funding is available for activities that address one or more of the following objectives:
1.1      Improve access to leisure and recreation for older people
1.2      Work in partnership with other agencies and communities to increase the options for physical activity in the community
1.3      Promote healthy lifestyles for all ages through activities to address one or more of the following:
  • increase physical activity,
  • raise awareness of risks of smoking and provision of support to stop
  • reduction of excessive use of alcohol
  • promotion of healthy eating   
  • mental health wellbeing
Promoting and Maintaining Independence
Funding is available for activities that address one or more of the following objectives under promoting and maintaining independence:
2.1       Activities to support for carers
2.2       Informal support in communities for people with lower level care needs such as befriending, good neighbour schemes, prescription collection

            Examples of how the funds might be used:
  • To enable existing voluntary groups to extend their range of activities through the purchase of new equipment, funding members to develop new skills to pass on, or to undertake events / activities to extend membership.
  • To provide pump priming money for new groups that aim to meet one or other of these objectives e.g. to purchase equipment, leaflets, Insurance, training.
Priority will be given to applications that meet the above criteria and that demonstrate the following attributes:
  1. Address gaps in service provision
  2. Develop new activities
  3. Include plans for long term sustainability
  4. Develop activities that encourage inclusivity and value diversity
  5. Demonstrate the active involvement  of the people who are part of the community / community of interest who will benefit from the grant in the development of the proposals
To receive a copy of the application form please email: or phone 01597 822191

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Home Office Grant Funding - EU Settlement Scheme

The Home Office is pleased to announce the launch of up to £9 million of grant funding, available to voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations to help vulnerable or at-risk EU citizens needing additional support when applying for the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

Ensuring that vulnerable or at-risk EU citizens and their families are supported to obtain a status is a critical objective in the delivery of the EUSS and the grant funding. The Home Office will set out to create a network of funded organisations to ensure that a range of services are mobilised across the UK, so that support and assistance to apply for the EUSS is available to meet those who require the most support.

Extensive engagement with VCS organisations has also helped to shape the development of the grant funding. Following insight gained during the market engagement, there will be two levels of award:

· Level one – to fund grant projects from £5,000 up to £39,999; and
· Level two – to fund grant projects from £40,000 up to £750,000.
Organisations are invited to submit proposals as to how they can support the diversity of needs of a diverse EU citizen population to make their EUSS applications. The application period for bids will close at 12pm on 1 February 2019. 

For more information, and to take part in the grant funding opportunity, please click this: