Monday, 11 December 2017

Cronfa Cymunedau Gwledig Calor Rural Communities Fund

Calor Gas
Calor are proud to support projects in your local rural community.

What is the Calor Rural Community Fund?

Calor offers grants of up to £5,000 for projects that will provide an on-going service for local communities, and many rural communities and projects off the mains gas grid have submitted projects for funding and then encouraged people to vote for them. The 10 projects in each category that received the most public votes were shortlisted as finalists and then reviewed by a panel of judges, who have now selected the 9 winning projects for funding.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tampon Tax

Applications should be for £1million or more and be from organisations that can deliver impact across their chosen category and across multiple regions in one or more of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Applications are welcomed from individual organisations or consortia with an identified lead organisation. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from organisations whose projects include (as a way of utilising existing expertise in the sector, increasing geographical reach, and improving impact) making onward grants to other charitable organisations. Notes: 
● this fund is open to charitable, benevolent and philanthropic organisations from across the United Kingdom; 
● grants may be for 1 or 2 year projects; 
● all activities must be concluded and funds must be spent by 31st March 2020; 
● the value of the grant requested must not represent more than 50% of the applicant’s collective annual income; ● where applicable, bids must include details of arrangements for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults as part of their planned activities

Applicants are invited to focus project activities on one of three, broad categories: 
● violence against women and girls; 
● mental health and wellbeing; 
● general programme (for which we have identified a number of sub-themes).

  • The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 28 January 2018

To apply click here

Monday, 4 December 2017

Funding available to Sports groups !

Community Chest - up to £1,500 and Development grant up to £25,000

 Click here for more information on how to apply

Contact us if you require help with applying 
or email

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Ariannu Gwasanaethau Digidol // Funding Digital Services

5 Rhagfyr, 12 till 3yp, Tramshed Tech

A wyddoch chi fod llawer o arianwyr eisiau cefnogi elusennau a mentrau cymdeithasol i ddatblygu gwasanaethau digidol?

Mae CAST (y Ganolfan ar gyfer Cyflymu Technoleg Gymdeithasol) eisiau sicrhau bod sefydliadau’r trydydd sector yn barod i achub ar y cyfleoedd hyn.
              Dewch i’n digwyddiad rhad ac am ddim, a gynhelir gan CAST, i ddysgu sut i gyflwyno cynnig gwych i ariannwr perthnasol er mwyn helpu i wireddu eich uchelgeisiau digidol.
Bydd y sesiwn am ddim hon yn para tair awr ac yn cymysgu archwilio creadigol รข phwyslais ar gyflwyno cynigion arbennig i gronfeydd perthnasol. Gallwn gyflwyno elusennau a mentrau cymdeithasol i bartneriaid digidol gwych, a defnyddio ein profiad o weithio gyda rhoddwyr grant digidol i amlygu meysydd diddordeb/potensial.

5 December, 12 till 3pm, Tramshed Tech

Did you know that many funders are actively looking to support charities and social enterprises to develop digital services?

CAST (the Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology) wants to make sure that third sector organisations are ready to take advantage of these opportunities.
Come along to our free event and learn how to submit a great proposal to a relevant funder which could help bring your digital ambitions to life. This three hour session will mix creative exploration of digital development opportunities with a focus on submitting funding proposals.
CAST can also use their expertise to identify areas of interest or potential and make introductions to great digital partners for those charities and social enterprises who need it.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Open Call

Please see below the “Natural Resources Wales’ First Open Call for projects under the new Commissioning Approach” links to our Web Site. If you follow the link it will take you to EOI form and the Guidance note.

The FAQ document will be updated on the Web periodically, please check the link regularly.

The guidance document has all the relevant contacts in case of enquiry. All EOI forms must be submitted by 23:59 on Sunday 14th January 2018 to .

Third Sector Flu Immunisation Promotion Grant

'Powys Teaching Health Board is offering small grants (up to £200) to third sector organisations to support them to promote flu vaccinations to their service users.
Do you think you can help promote the flu vaccine to your services users?

If your organisation supports people 65 or over or anyone with a long term medical condition then please get in touch.  Call the Powys Public Health Team on 01874 712738 or email'

Friday, 24 November 2017

Grants for voluntary organisations in Wales in support of sport, the arts, the community and the environment. Deadline December 18th 2007 at noon

Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust


Grants for voluntary organisations in Wales in support of sport, the arts, the community and the environment.
Current Status
Open for Applications
Maximum value:
£ 7,500

Objectives of Fund

Through its funding, the Trust aims to improve the quality of life of people who live and work in Wales.  In particular, the Trust aims to promote education, history, language, culture, music and folklore particularly for those who face discrimination or disadvantage.

Value Notes

Funding is issued according to the geographical area that an organisation has a remit to cover.  The Trust has classified the categories as follows:
  • Local Organisations - Awards of up to £2,500 are available for organisations with a remit to serve their local community or town.
  • Regional Organisations - Awards of up to £7,500 are available for organisations with a remit to cover a region or local authority-wide area of Wales, ie Powys or North East Wales. 

Match Funding Restrictions

Match funding is not a requirement, but applicants should have demonstrated what other sources of funding have been sought and secured.

Who Can Apply

The following organisations are eligible to apply:
  • Charitable organisations.
  • Properly constituted voluntary organisations.
  • Not-for-profit organisations.
  • Voluntary groups working with local authorities (applicants cannot be the local authority).
  • Groups of any age.
Priority is given to organisations serving groups and communities suffering from the greatest disadvantage.


The following exclusions apply:
  • Projects outside of Wales.
  • Day-to-day running costs.
  • Projects that seek to redistribute grant funds for the benefit of third party organisations.
  • Payments of debts/overdrafts.
  • Retrospective requests.
  • Requests from individuals.
  • Payment to profit-making organisations.
  • Applications made solely in the name of a local authority.
Successful applicants may not reapply to the Trust until a three year period from the date of grant offer has elapsed.

Eligible Expenditure

The Trust has chosen to make grants in the following four categories:
Sport embraces much more than traditional team games and competition. Sport can mean physical activity or the improvement of physical fitness and mental well-being, and can assist in the formation of social relationships and individual and team confidence. The Trust is particularly interested in supporting projects that improve the quality of life of people and communities facing disadvantage.
The Trust strives to make a difference to sporting organisations and those organisations delivering sports projects throughout Wales and appreciates that sport relies heavily on volunteers. The Trust is keen to support volunteer-based projects, particularly from ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.
In addition, the Trust recognises the difference that coaching can make to the development of a sport and is keen to fund equipment and coaching costs if the need has been clearly identified.
The Arts
The Trust is keen to support arts projects that are creative, unique and work with the disadvantaged or deprived individuals and groups throughout Wales. The Trust wishes to develop and improve knowledge and practice of the arts and to increase opportunities for people to see and participate in the arts.
The Trust aims to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of performing and visual arts in Wales.  The Trust particularly favours proposals which expand and improve arts provision in parts of the country less well served than others and will give priority to organisations which strive to work together to share experiences, practices and ideas.
The Environment
The Trust welcomes applications from environmental groups from both rural and urban areas in Wales, recognising the dramatically different landscapes across Wales.
The Trust encourages applications relating to recycling, developing green spaces, the development and promotion of green practices and the promotion of public transport schemes.  Projects that improve the quality of Wales' environment, protect and create a vibrant countryside, and develop and promote sustainable land use planning will be a priority for support. 

The Trust aims to fund programmes that protect and enhance Wales' natural heritage and promote its sustainable use and enjoyment in a way which contributes to local economic prosperity and social inclusion.
The Community
The Trust is keen to target local communities suffering from the greatest disadvantage.
The Trust will give priority to organisations that are looking to tackle social, personal, economic or cultural barriers within their own communities.  In particular, projects that lead to greater independence and give people more control over their lives will be given priority.  The Trust welcomes applications that give people a voice to express their needs and hopes.
The Trust is keen to help disabled people to challenge barriers and to be active and visible in their local communities.

How To Apply

The deadline for Local Grant applications is 18 December 2017 (noon).
Information on the next application round for Regional Grants will be provided when it becomes available.
Application forms are available to download from the Trust's website.
Application must be emailed to: