Thursday, 14 June 2018


The Hedley Foundation awards grants to small charities working with young people in the following areas:
o Recreation;
o Sport;
o Training;
o Health and welfare; and
o The outdoor education of young people.
The Foundation is particularly keen on supporting:
o Open air and adventure-type activities and the funding of appropriate kit and equipment;.
o Small charities which can demonstrate achievement in persuading and deterring at-risk young people from proceeding further down the pathway to custody.
o Small charities working with disabled and terminally ill young people through by providing specialist equipment and organised respite breaks;
o Small charities working with young carers;
o Organisational development and change.
UK registered charities may apply for a grant of up to £5,000. The average grant is around £3,000.
Grants are for specific projects only and are mostly one-off with a limited number of recurring grants for 2 to 3 years. National and very large charities are not supported.
The Foundation awarded around £840,000 in one-off grants last year. The maximum grant is typically £5,000 and the average grant is £3,000. Larger awards of £10,000 or £15,000 – and occasionally £50,000 – are sometimes made by the Foundation.
During the year ending 31 March 2017, the Trust awarded 310 (2016 - 320) charities totalling £821,980 (2016 - £847,705).
There is no requirement for match funding.
A list of all major awards made during the year can be found on pages 15 and 16 of the Foundations’ annual accounts.
Funding is not available for:
o Individuals;
o Churches, cathedrals and museums;
o Exclusive charities which only help people from specific groupings;
o General funding, salaries, running costs, and transport;
o Building works or refurbishment projects.
Applications may be made at any time and are considered at Trustee meetings every two months.
Further information, together with an application form, can be downloaded from the Foundation's website.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
Mrs Pauline Barker 
Appeals Manager 
The Hedley Foundation 
1-3 College Hill 

(The Foundation does not advertise a phone number.)

(Source: GRIN)

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


THE HEART OF EXPERIAN CHARITY FUND - Grants up to £5,000 for small local community groups, charities and schools in the UK so that they can become sustainable or expand their work in their local community (applications may be made at any time)
The Heart of Experian Charity Fund supports local grassroots organisations in the UK with a charitable purpose that have a low profile but benefit the whole community.  
Applicants should  have:
o A gross annual income of £500,000 or less in the most recent full financial year;
o A written constitution and a management committee;
o A bank account in the group's name;
o Accounts available to view on the Charity Commission website (or include a copy when submitting an application);
o Unrestricted reserves that are less than six months’ running costs; and
o A charitable project which requires funding of £5,000 or less and benefits the local community.
Eligible projects must:
o Make the applicant’s organisation or project more sustainable;
o Relate to financial inclusion, financial education, entrepreneurship or developing skills useful in business;
o Have a long-term benefit for the community;
o Have a clear approach or strategy for attracting future funding or otherwise ensuring the continuation of the project;
o Demonstrate that they have a project manager with appropriate experience to be able to successfully deliver the project; and
o Have not received funding from the Heart of Experian Charity Fund in the past 12 months.
Local charities, community groups and schools may apply for a grant of up to £5,000.
Applicants that can demonstrate they have secured match funding are likely to be prioritised for grant support.
Grants are not available for:
o National charities;
o Supporting individuals; or
o Salary costs (unless the applicant has a clear strategy for the position’s future sustainability).
Applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed by the charity on a quarterly basis.
Further  information, together with an application form, is available on the Heart of Experian Charity Fund’s website.
Contact details for the Charity are:
The Community Involvement Team 
Heart of Experian Charity Fund 
Riverleen House 
Electric Avenue 
NG80 1RH 
Tel: 0115 992 2431 

Monday, 11 June 2018


The True Colours Trust provides one-off core cost or project grants of up to £10,000 with no match funding requirement for local causes in the UK. Grants are intended to help smaller organisations develop and deliver programmes for children with a disability, their siblings and families.
Support is available for children and young people aged 0 to 26 years with a disability and/or with a complex health care need. The Trust is particularly keen to fund:
o Hydrotherapy pools;
o Multi-sensory rooms 
(image below);
o Minibuses;
o Sibling projects;
o Bereavement support;
o Specialised play equipment;
o Access to play and leisure;
o Family support; and/or
o Parent-led peer support.
Registered charities and organisations with charitable status that support disabled children and young people and their families may apply.
During the year ending 5 April 2017 the Trust approved grants totalling £1,313,673, some of which were for more than one year, across all of its programmes.
According to a circular we've recently received, we understand that the Trust may also consider offering grants of up to £10,000 to councils interested in increasing their accessible playground provision for disabled children and their families. Grants are intended for the purchase and installation of accessible equipment which will improve access to public playgrounds for disabled children. Please check with the Trust to verify this.
The following are not eligible for funding:
o Organisations with an annual income exceeding £300,000;
o Organisations requesting funding for consecutive years (multi-year funding);
o Local authorities (but please  see note above about making local authority managed playgrounds more accessible);
o Condition specific organisations;       
o Residential play schemes;
o Residential special schools;
o Free schools; or
o Young carers' projects.
Applications may be made at any time and are considered quarterly by the Trust.
An online application form is available on the Trust’s website which can be completed online or downloaded and returned by email or post.
Contact  details for the trust are:
The True Colours Trust 
The Peak 
5 Wilton Road 
Tel: 0207 410 0330 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


THE CAVE FOUNDATION - Grants up to £7,000 for local and national charities in England and Wales working in the fields of health, welfare, conservation and animal welfare (applications may be made in writing at any time)
The Cave Foundation (also known as the Wilfrid and Constance Cave Foundation) makes grants to local and national charities in England and Wales delivering projects in the following fields:
o Health.
o Welfare.
o Conservation; and
o Animal Welfare.
Eligible expenditure can include:
o Buildings;
o Core costs;
o Research;
o Running costs.
o One-off projects.
Grant awards are usually between £1,000 and £7,000.
During the year ending 5 April 2017 the Foundation awarded 35 grants totalling £144,000 (2016: 36 grants totalling £176,000). The average award was slightly over £4,000.
There is no requirement for match funding.
Awards over the last two years have included quite a number of grants to South West based organisations, some of which are:
o Children’s Hospital South West (£3,000);
o Chulmleigh College (£2,000);
o Dulverton Congregational Church (£2,000);
o Exmoor Search and Rescue (£3,000);
o Minehead School Pastors (£1,000);
o Moorland Mousie Trust (£3,000);
o Simonsbath Festival (£2,000);
o Two Moors Fesrival (£4,000);
o West Countries Rivers Trust (£2,000); and
o Wiltshire Air Ambulance (£2,000)
A list of all awards made during the year can be found on page 10 of the Foundation’s annual accounts.
Individuals are not eligible to apply.
The Foundation does not maintain a website.  Further information is, however, available on the Charity Commission website.
Applications should be made in writing and are considered by the Foundation every 6 months.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
The Cave Foundation 
New Lodge Farm 
Drift Road 
SL4 4QQ 
(The Foundation does not advertise a phone number.)
(Source: GRIN)

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Grants up to £3,000 for organisations in th UK and Republic of Ireland that are taking action to challenge the abuse of power and work towards  a just, equitable and sustainable world (application deadline 24 June 2018)
The Edge Fund awards grants to projects that are helping to achieve social, economic and environmental justice and to end imbalances in wealth and power.
The Edge Fund supports initiatives in the United Kingdom and Ireland that contribute towards the aspiration of a just, equitable and sustainable world.  Projects should challenge abuses of power and aim to bring an end to the systems that cause injustice. This could be the economic system, political system, or any system that discriminates against people based on their identity or background (for example: class, ability, gender, race, nationality, religion, sexuality, age or other factors), especially:
o  Work that creates long-term change in society by addressing the causes of injustice and inequality.
o  Work addressing issues facing a particular community that is led by that community.
o Groups based in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.
o Small groups that struggle to get funding elsewhere, particularly if other funders might consider them to be too radical. The average income of groups funded is approximately £2500.
o All types of non-profit organisations, including groups that are not formally registered.
o Groups who have a religious purpose are welcome to apply (but financial support for any activity, initiative or project where the primary aim is to promote religion cannot be funded).
Communities and campaign groups based in the UK and Republic of Ireland that are working for social, economic and environmental justice are eligible to apply for a grant of up to £3,000. PLEASE NOTE: applicants must have an annual income of less than £25,000.
Applicants should be:

o A not-for-profit organisation;
o Addressing issues facing a particular community (eg racism) to be led by that community (eg people of African and Asian heritage); and
o Small groups with a small annual income that struggle to get funding elsewhere. (To date, funding has not been awarded to any group with an annual income of more than £25,000; the average income of groups is around £2,500.)
Previous awards have included:

o Gypsy and Traveller Empowerment, Hertfordshire;
o Hands Off Our Homes, Leeds;
o Manchester Migrant Solidarity;
o Rebel Arts, Cambridge; and
o Sisters Uncut National Movement.
Funding is not available for:
o Traditional charity work that only aims to, for example, improve health and well-being, relieve financial hardship and unemployment, improve social inclusion and harmony, conserve the environment, advance education and training;
o Commercial or business activity;
o Political parties;
o Any activity, initiative or project where the primary aim is to promote religion;
o Groups or individuals outside of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland;
o International groups or issues; however, groups that are targeting the UK for its role in an injustice outside the UK can apply, eg a campaign against a UK-based corporation for their operations overseas;
o Applications from individuals;
o Work that is in partnership with, or promotes, the military or police;
o Organisations with an income exceeding £25,000; or
o Registered charities.
The closing date for applications midnight on Sunday 24 June 2018.
Further information, eligibility criteria together with an application form, is available to download from the Edge Fund's website.
Contact details for the Edge Fund are:
The Edge Fund 
Tel: 0776 7126915 or 0300123 1965 
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Friday, 18 May 2018


Localgiving has just announced that they will be providing grants of £500 to small charities and community groups, with over 400 grants available (funded by Postcode Community Trust). They are inviting applications from now to 31st October 2018.

The Magic Little Grants Fund provides local charities and community groups with the opportunity to access funding to deliver engaging physical activities, which help to overcome barriers to participation. 

As part of the grant, non Localgiving members will also be awarded 12 months membership to support them with fundraising online throughout the year. This means groups with an income of below £50,000 a year can sign up to Localgiving for free! Priority is given to groups with an annual income of below £20,000. It is a very short and simple grant application. 

To benefit from funding, projects need to either overcome 'barriers to participation in physical activities in creative ways' or 'increase social cohesion through developing access to sports and other recreational activities'. You can find full information about signing up to Localgiving and applying for the grant here:

For those groups who have a higher income, Localgiving is offering 25% off membership, £200 match funding, gift aid for all groups and free training. This offer is only available for a limited time and you just need to sign up here and enter the promo code WALES72 at the payment section. A e-flyer is attached but please contact if you would like more information. 

For more information go to:

(Source: Localgiving)

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

LNB FUND Gwynedd, Meirionnydd, and Montgomeryshire (including cross-border projects in Shropshire)

The LNB Fund

 The LNB Fund supports organisations working to protect and preserve the environment and heritage across Gwynedd, Meirionnydd, and Montgomeryshire (including cross-border projects in Shropshire).
Projects should support work involving the many different things from the past that we value and want to pass on to future generations.
For example:
•             Collections of objects, books or documents in museums, libraries or archives
•             Cultural traditions such as stories, festivals, crafts, language, music, dance and costumes
•             People’s memories and experiences (often recorded as ‘oral history’)
•             Natural and designed landscapes and gardens
•             Natural heritage including habitats, species and geology

Who can apply
•             Charities, constituted not for profit groups and organisations running projects which meet the Fund’s aims as stated above.
 Preference will be given to applicants who best show how they meet the Fund’s objectives and priorities, and, subject to that, to first time applicants so that a wide range of projects is supported.
 Grants available
•             Organisations can apply for grants of between £1,000 - 3,000?
Please note:
•             Grants will not be awarded retrospectively i.e. for costs already incurred prior to receipt of the grant offer letter and signed terms and conditions
•         Projects that fall within statutory sector responsibility eg. Anything that falls within the school curriculum will not be supported
 This fund is now OPEN
To apply in Welsh could you please fill in the bilingual forms for groups below.
 Apologies for any inconvenience caused and we are working to solve the problem with the Welsh online form.
Remember to always read the criteria in full before applying to any grant scheme to make sure your organisation and project is eligible.
For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Foundation on 02920 379 580 or email
(Source: Community Foundation in Wales)