Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund launched

The Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund is a £14 million fund run by the innovation charity National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA), working in partnership with the Cabinet Office.
The first round runs from April until October 2013, and will support innovative ventures and programmes that use social action to achieve impact in the following areas:
  • Ageing well: Helping people to age well, particularly by supporting people over 50 years to have a purpose, a sense of well-being and to be connected to others.
  • Long-term health: Enabling people with long-term health conditions to have a better quality of life, particularly through the use of peer to peer networks and groups.
  • Young people: Supporting and encouraging young people to succeed and find employment, for example through mentoring, coaching, and peer-to-peer networks.
  • Impact volunteering: Using new approaches to ‘impact volunteering’ to mobilise volunteers to increase and enhance the outcomes achieved by public services.
Charities, social enterprises, public services and for-profit businesses can apply for grants of between £50,000 and £500,000 to support projects that deliver public benefit. In most cases match funding will be required.
Applications can be made at any time via an Expression of Interest form.
The programme will run for the next two years, and will open to applications as NESTA identifies different priorities.

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HLF - Heritage Enterprise Fund launches (UK)

Grants of between £100,000 and £5 million are available for heritage projects that have the potential to unlock a heritage asset in need of investment and utilise it as a stimulus for economic growth. It is anticipated that in most instances this will involve the repair and adaptation of a historic building or a coherent group of historic buildings for an end-use that generates a sustainable commercial income.
Not-for-profit organisations and partnerships led by not-for-profit organisations in the UK are eligible to apply. Not-for-profit organisations can include the following:
  • Community or voluntary groups.
  • Community Interest Companies.
  • Charities and trusts.
  • Social enterprises.
  • Community/parish councils.
  • Local authorities.
  • Other public sector organisations.
Private sector for-profit organisations are encouraged to participate but are required to be minority partners in a partnership that is led by a not-for-profit group.
Priority will be given to projects that are located within areas of the UK experiencing economic disadvantage.
Applications may be submitted at any time.
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Extra funds and delivery time for Supporting Sustainable Living Projects

The fund has been increased to almost £400,000 for projects that can run until 30 June 2014. Grants of up to £50,000 are available for projects that will help bring about long-term changes in behaviour and lifestyle that will reduce Wales' greenhouse gas emissions and help businesses, organisations and communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change. 
Organisations from all sectors can apply to the fund but cross-sector partnership applications are particularly encouraged. The SSL scheme is run by Environment Wales with the support of the Welsh Government People and Environment division.
More information is available at www.environment-wales.org under Grants or from the Environment Wales office on 029 2043 1727 / info@environment-wales.org.
(Source: WCVA)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Arts Council of Wales - Funding Surgery 8th May 2013

30 minute slots will be available to attendees to discuss possible projects with our Development Officers. They will be able to offer guidance on eligibility and how best to apply for a grant.
These surgeries will be attended by appointment only. To book a place you will need to contact the Information Team at Information@artscouncilofwales.org.uk or by phoning on 0845 8734 900.
8 May 2013
1pm – 4.30pm
Theatr Brycheiniog
Canal Wharf

(Source: Arts Council of Wales)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Need help completing funding applications?

In addition to our FREE Funding advice & support, PAVO's accredited funding advisors will also complete your application for a charge.  Very competitive and affordable rates. 
Interested? Want more information?  

Contact us at the PAVO Helpdesk: 0845 009 3288

People's Millions

Have you got an idea that could transform your community, and improve the lives of its residents?  The Big Lottery Fund has £3.8 million to fund new community projects across the UK.

Deadline for applications is Monday 13th May 2013.

Twitter: @peoplesmillions
Tel: 0845 0 10 11 12

(Source: Big Lottery Fund)

Have you applied to the Health Lottery

Has your organisation applied to the Health Lottery?  A media company working for the BBC is currently researching the Health Lottery for a potential piece on the BBC’s The Wales Report.

They are looking to talk to any organisations that have experience of applying to the Health Lottery, so if you know of any of your members that have applied and would be interested in sharing their experience, please contact Callum Thomson on 02920 225588 orcallum@walesandco.com

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Opn

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is a contest that rewards inventions that successfully combine sustainability, entrepreneurship and creativity. The jury looks for products and services that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design.
The competition aims to elicit promising, creative ideas that will encourage and aid the invention of great new green products and services and combat CO2 emissions and can be put on the market within two years. Since its inception, the programme has helped to reduce more than 10 million kilograms, (10,000 tonnes) of carbon emissions in the UK.
The first prize is for more than £440,000 (€500,000). It will be presented to the entrant with the best idea to execute his or her business plan. A further £175,000 (€200,000) will be available to one or two runners up.
The prizes, together with the assistance from leading professionals, will enable the winners to develop their inventions and present them to the world within the next two years.
Would-be entrepreneurs aged 18 years or older with a well-thought-out idea are invited to participate in the Green Challenge, which is open worldwide.
Each entrant must submit his or her business plan in one of the following five categories:
  • Energy
  • Lifestyle
  • IT
  • Design
  • Mobility
The 2013 deadline for receipt of applications is 17 July 2013.

Monday, 15 April 2013

TestTown Initiative Open

TestTown is a Carnegie UK competition, developed following Carnegie's research into youth enterprise and urban regeneration. The research showed that having an experience of taking part in entrepreneurial activities makes young people more likely to consider starting their own business.
The purpose of the competition is to inspire an enterprising outlook in young people, civic and community organisations. It also aims to showcase the unique contribution younger people can make to combat the challenges of town centre decline, and the need for government and business to work more closely with young people and entrepreneurs in ‘rethinking towns’.
Individuals and teams of up to six people, aged between 16 and 30 and living in the UK, may apply. Teams can grow from school, university or college environments, training schemes, charities or clubs, or just groups of friends.
Participants are encouraged to submit an innovative idea for a business that will reinvigorate their local town centre, improve the community, increase employment and boost the economy.
The winning individual or team with a £10,000 cash prize. There will also be cash prizes for two runners-up. Those submitting the best ideas will benefit from four weeks’ support to help develop their ideas. The funding can be used to design and trial these ideas and innovations on a real high street in 2013.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 3 May 2013.
(This report was the subject of a GRANTfinder Newsflash.)

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Prince's Countryside Fund - New Round Open

The Prince's Countryside Fund was established to help rural areas in the United Kingdom to become more sustainable. The focus areas for the Fund are:
  • Projects to improve the sustainability of British farming in areas of deprivation.
  • Projects to improve the sustainability of rural communities.
  • Projects to reconnect people with the countryside.
The maximum level of funding for individual projects will be £50,000. The Fund can pay for a portion or the entirety of the costs of a project and applications for capital, project and resource funding will be considered.
Applications will be accepted from organisations that can demonstrate the support of the community which will benefit from the project and show evidence of consulting the community.
The next deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 17 May 2013.

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Trustees and Fundraising

Are your trustees involved in fundraising for your organisation?  The article below details the advantages of involving them:


What do you think - has it worked for you, is this a new idea?  Let us know.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

GwirVol Partnership

GwirVol is a uniquely Welsh, diverse partnership between the voluntary and public sectors, designed to promote, support and drive forward youth volunteering initiatives.

As well as providing advisory assistance and signposting services, the partnership delivers grants, through local grant panels of young people, to encourage youth volunteering projects in their local area.
The scheme is offering the following grant strands for 2013-14:
  • Creating Opportunities: Project funding of up to £10,000 for activities that will deliver a wide range of new and innovative volunteering experiences for young people aged 16-25.
  • Millennium Volunteers: For organisations looking to recognise the commitment young people give to volunteering through offering the 200 hour award of excellence. Millennium Volunteers grant applications can be for up to a maximum amount of £10,000.
  • International: For organisations looking to develop overseas volunteering opportunities that benefit young people and their communities in Wales as well. International grant applications can be for up to a maximum amount of £30,000.
Local schemes will support a range of small volunteering projects and activities, led and carried out by young people, with applications selected and recommended by a panel of young people aged 16-25.
Eligible costs could include:
  • Volunteers' expenses.
  • Promotional materials.
  • Consultants, trainers, training courses.
  • Training materials, including costs for accreditation.
  • Equipment for volunteers.
  • Minor adaptations, eg to enable young people to participate.
  • Staff salaries, on costs and recruitment (for additional work on the project).
  • Office costs for administering the project.
The scheme is open to not-for-profit organisations that are independent of government and private sectors. Public sector organisations, eg local authorities, schools, local health boards may also apply.
The 2013-14 Gwirvol grant round is currently open with applications due by 2pm on Wednesday 5 June 2013.
Note: GwirVol will only be holding one grant round in 2013-2014. There will be no second round September-November 2013.
(Source: Grantfinder) 

Speak Up Film Fund 2013

The Community Film Unit is a social enterprise film company. Through its Speak Up Film Fund, it offers 50% match funding towards the cost of making a film that focuses on local community issues in 2013.
Not-for-profit organisations, including charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations, in the UK can apply for funding support to help make a film about one (or more) of the following:
  • Supporting young people and/or vulnerable people.
  • Preserving local history and educating residents about their area.
  • Providing and documenting opportunities for disabled people.
  • Providing information which improves the quality of life for residents in their local community.
Applicants must have the capacity and resource to complete the project during the 2013 calendar year.
Grants can cover 20% to 50% of the project costs, and they will range from a minimum of £724 to a maximum of £2,225. The average grant is £1,120.
Funding is only available for the following packages:
Four Amethyst Packages which include:
  • 1 filming day.
  • 2 editing days.
  • CFU library music.
  • 5 copies packaged in plastic wallets.
  • Maximum of 6 minute film.
One Emerald Package which includes:
  • 3 filming days.
  • 5 editing days.
  • Original music.
  • 50 DVDs with on body print.
  • Packaged in 50 card sleeves.
One 1 Ruby Package which includes:
  • 5 filming days.
  • 8 editing days.
  • Original music.
  • 100 DVDs with on body print.
  • Packaged in 100 DVD jewel cases or card digipacks.
Applications will only be accepted electronically and can be found on the Community Film Unit website.

(Source: Grantfinder)

Edge Fund

The Edge Fund is currently accepting applications from communities, campaign groups and activists in the UK that are working for social, economic and environmental justice and have not been able to find funding from other sources.
Groups should be:
  • Facing discrimination and injustice because of their class, ability, gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or other factors – those who are actively working to challenge these injustices and to create just and healthy communities.
  • Working for systemic change – those who seek to dismantle and replace the structures and processes that create oppression, inequality and environmental destruction.
Priority will be given to grassroots or unfunded groups.
Grants are not likely to be for more than £5,000.
Grants of up to £1,000 are also available to individuals who face challenges because of their personal circumstances or background and have a real passion for justice and can demonstrate a clear commitment to taking action.
The deadline for applications is 22 April 2013.

(Source: Grantfinder)

Triangle Trust Fund

Development Grants provide funds towards any costs incurred by the applicant in undertaking its core business so that sustainable income sources can be developed and the organisation’s income will not be reduced when the grant comes to an end.
Grants are available for up to £40,000 or 50% current annual income, whichever is lowest, per year for three years. The amount requested each year is expected to taper down as applicants develop other sustainable income streams.
Registered charities, not-for-profit social enterprises and community interest companies that are working within the UK and have a UK office are eligible to apply. Organisations must have a constitution whose primary purpose is to support unpaid carers or the rehabilitation of offenders or ex-offenders.
The 2013 deadlines for applications are as follows:
  • For organisations working with carers: 14 May 2013 (5pm).
  • For organisations working with the rehabilitation of offenders and ex-offenders: 7 November 2013 (5pm).

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