Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Do you need some funding support?  Have you got an issue around governance?  Would you like to discuss potential project ideas?  Would your organisation like a health check?
Come along at meet with PAVO Development Officers on the following dates:
Tuesday 19th August 2014                   PAVO Offices, Llandrindod                    11am - 3pm          
Tuesday 19th August                           PAVO Offices, Newtown                          11am – 3pm

Thursday 4th September 2014              Llanfair Caerinion                      11am – 3pm

Can you offer us a venue to hold our outreach sessions?  Contact us on 01597 822191 if you can help!

To make an appointment please contact PAVO on 01597 822191 to book a place.  We will be working our way round Powys, so watch this space for details of further events.  We hope to see as many of you as possible.  Don’t delay, book today!

Access Broadband Cymru Extended to More Communities

The scheme offers funding towards the delivery of faster broadband connections for voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisation, businesses, residents, and communities across Wales. It is targeted specifically at premises that currently receive slow broadband - defined under the terms of the grant as a connection with a consistent download speed of less than 2Mbps.
Prior to the changes, only areas not in the published Superfast Cymru roll-out were eligible. However, those based in an area which will eventually be covered by the roll-out but are currently unable to access broadband above a speed of 2MB, can now make an application.
The scheme offers a Welsh Government funded grant to the value of 90% of the cost of the proposed installation, with a maximum grant of £900 available to eligible premises in Wales. The money can be used to fund the delivery of faster broadband connections in commercial, residential and voluntary/charitable sector premises.
Applicants will also be given information about the Superfast Cymru roll-out so that they decide whether to apply for a grant or wait for superfast fibre to be deployed in their area.
The scheme is open to individuals, businesses, VCSE organisations and communities in Wales suffering from slow broadband connections and whose premise can only receive a broadband connection with a consistent download speed of less than 2 mega-bits per second.
Applications may be submitted at any time.
Full details can be found on the Welsh Government website
Source: Welsh Government, 04/08/2014