Monday, 5 December 2011

Home Fire Safety Checks - Opportunity for Community Groups

One of the main objective’s of Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is reducing domestic fires through carrying out free Home Fire Safety Checks (HFSC) in people’s homes.  

A HFSC takes around 30 minutes to carry out and involves an assessment to identify and provide solutions to fire risks in a person’s home.  Depending on the outcome, a range of free fire safety equipment maybe provided in conjunction with fitting smoke detectors.  We are looking to target individuals who we deem vulnerable for example older people (60+), single adults and single parents, individuals living in deprivation, individuals living with a mental and / or physical impairment, smokers, and individuals who have issues with alcohol / drugs, as they have been identified of being at high risk of being injured or killed as a result of a fire.

For us, the key is working in partnership with organisations such as yourselves in carrying out these safety checks.  Your contribution could really make a difference to the safety of the people you work with.  If you are a voluntary sector organisation that is working closely with the people we deem vulnerable from having house fires please get in touch with me to look at ways of working together for the safety and well being of your clients.

Funding has been made available for voluntary sector organisations where we can currently make a payment of £10 per HFSC carried out.  Full training & support would be provided to enable members to undertake such checks.  If you are interested in further information then please contact me.

Many thanks,

Neil Evans
Rheolwr Gorsaf – rheolwr diogelwch yn y gymuned de Powys
Station Manager – community safety manager south Powys.
Mewnol / Internal: Ext. 1128
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