Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Green Hall Foundation

Formerly known as the “Constance Green Foundation”, the Green Hall Foundation will open to applications on Friday 1st May 2015 and will close once 100 applications have been received.
Each financial year the Trustees nominate a specific charitable sector for support. The next sector is physically and mentally disabled and disadvantaged people aged 25 and over.
Only registered charities whose work falls within the specified sector may apply.
Grants between £1,000 and £10,000 are available.
PLEASE NOTE: in making grants some preference is given to charities operating in Yorkshire.  One-third of all grant awards are generally to projects in various parts of Yorkshire. This normally leaves around £200,000 available for projects elsewhere in the UK in a typical year.  The Foundation's record of grant allocations also indicate that charities operating at a national level are given some priority, although this does not appear to be exclusive.
During the year to 5 April 2014, 460 eligible applications for grants were considered.
99 grants were approved out of the income of the Foundation, totalling £337,000, of which:
o 82% (in value) was given to charities operating within the UK and
o 18% was awarded to UK charities undertaking charitable activities outside the UK. 
The principal charity sectors benefiting from the grants from income were:
o Disabled and Aged (35% of all grants awarded)
o Medical and Social Care (34%)
o Children and Young People (22%)
o Church and community projects (6%)
o Homelessness (4%)
Of the total grants given over 90% were made to assist special projects undertaken by the charities rather than to provide core funding.
Applications must be submitted online.
For further information, visit the Green Hall Foundation website.

(Source: GRIN)

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