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The Jerwood Charitable Foundation works with individual professional artists and organisations across all art forms, offering project and programme funding.
The Foundation's support prioritises the development of talented and dedicated individuals at transitional stages of their careers, and is delivered primarily through partnerships with outstanding arts organisations throughout the UK. Opportunities to influence sector and art form development and policy making are also sought by the Foundation,
The majority of the Foundation's partnerships and initiatives are proactively sought and developed. However, unsolicited proposals are accepted, although projects put forward in this way tend to be occasionally funded. The Foundation seeks specific, targeted, tangible professional development opportunities in the work that it takes on.  
Organisations do not need to be registered charities providing the project has charitable aims. The Foundation aims to monitor chosen projects closely and sympathetically, and is keen to seek visible recognition of support.
The Foundation offers:
Large Grants - these refer to recurring relationships over a period of years, or to awards of more than £10,000; and
Small Grants -  for one-off projects, generally under £10,000.
*PLEASE NOTE: The Foundation's has limited capacity to help with activities taking place in 2016. Applicants should therefore be looking for support during 2017 and beyond.
o Large Grants - these partnerships tend to be developed proactively or through ongoing conversation with potential applicants, responding to key needs and issues within arts sectors. This fund allows the Foundation to develop strategic approaches to supporting artists through nurturing or professional development programmes founded and run by established arts organisations. Support is also available for the following: (a) Research and development initiatives supporting experimentation or to generate new work or new collaborations; (b) investigation into sectoral or policy provision; and (c) commissioning initiatives.
o Small Grants - this fund allows the Foundation to explore new relationships, work directly with individual artists, take risks and support research or development of future ideas. At the heart of every small grant is a targeted or particular professional or sectoral development opportunity to be explored.
During the financial year ending 31 December 2015, the Foundation awarded grants totalling £1.83 million under the following categories:
Strategic Projects (Jerwood Visual Arts and Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries): £945,481 (2014: £552,313);
Large Grants: £798,289 (2014: £859,621); and
Small Grants: £90,492 (2014: £136,172). 
Funding is not available for:
o Study or tuition fees, or course fees for individuals, or associated living expenses, travel or accommodation costs;
o Building or capital costs, including purchase of equipment;
o General rehearsal, touring, production or staging costs for performances or exhibitions;
o The purchase of musical instruments. Informal education or community participation projects.
o Education or participation projects for those who have not yet left formal education;
o Projects which will take place outside  the United Kingdom;
o Projects which support artists who are not resident in the United Kingdom;
o Projects in the fields of religion or sport;
o Animal rights or welfare appeals;
o General fundraising appeals;
o Appeals to establish endowment funds for other charities:
o Medical research:
o Social welfare;
o Retrospective awards or funding for retrospective activity:
o Environmental or conservation projects; or
o Medical or mental health projects.
Applications may be aubmitted at any time. As the Foundation has very limited remaining capacity for 2016, applicants should be contacting the Foundation about the possibility of making an application in 2017 or beyond.  
Applicants are therefore advised to contact the Foundation in the first instance to discuss their proposal.
Further information is available on the Jerwood Foundation website.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
The Jerwood Charitable Foundation
171 Union Street
London SE1 OLN
Tel: 020 7261 0279

(Source: GRIN)

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