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Anglican churches cover the Church of England and those churches that are in communion with it and each other and that share essentially its doctrines and order, such as the Church of Ireland, the Episcopal Church of Scotland, the Church of Wales, and the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.
ChurchCare is the Church of England's natural resource in supporting parish churches, and works in partnership with various grant-giving bodies to provide funding for church projects.
ChurchCare supports over 16,000 parish churches and 42 cathedrals throughout England
ChurchCare grants are available to support parishes, dioceses and cathedrals in the conservation and repair of historic Anglican church buildings and their various contents.
During 2016, ChurchCare grants totalling £595,735 were awarded to 134 parish churches, while 63 cathedral grants worth £19.9 million were made.
Further information on ChurchCare's work during the year is available in the ChurchCare annual grants report for 2016.
All of the programmes listed below have a deadline of Monday 14 May 2018.
1. Conservation of Books and Manuscripts
Grants up to £8.000 are currently available for the conservation of books and manuscripts. Historical books and manuscripts, when in the care of the parish, are eligible for grant aid.
Modern printed books are ineligible for funding.
For further information about the Conservation of Books and Manuscripts Programme, follow this LINK.
Contact details for the programme are:
Janet Berry
Head of Conservation
Tel: 020 7898 1889
2. Grants for Church Plate
In partnership with the Goldsmith’s Company, ChurchCare is offering grants for the repair of church plate to ensure its regular use by congregations.
There is no minimum or maximum award level.
Further details about grants available for Church Plate can be found HERE.
Contact details for this scheme are:
John Webster
Conservation Grants Administrator
Tel: 020 7898 1872
3. Grants for Churchyard Structures
Grants up to £8,000 are available for the conservation of churchyard structures.
PLEASE NOTE: if the wall, monuments, railings or gates are in a closed churchyard and the responsibility of the local authority they do not qualify for a grant.
Works of a cosmetic nature or soft landscaping are also ineligible for grant support.
Further details are available on the ChurchCare website.
Contact details for Grants for Churchyard Structures are:
The Librarian
Goldsmiths' Hall
Foster Lane
Tel: 020 7606 7010
4. Grants for Metalwork
Grants up to £8,000 are available for the conservation of decorative metalwork. To be eligible, the object must be of artistic or historical interest.
The conservation and re-mounting of monumental brasses (when the original slab is missing) is eligible but preference is given to the use of stone as mounting material.
Proposals should reflect the historical use of objects.
Additional information can be found at this LINK to the ChurchCare website.
Contact details for Metalwork grants are:
John Webster
Conservation Grants Administrator
Tel: 020 7898 1872
(Source: GRIN)

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