Thursday, 13 March 2014

Arts Council of Wales Advises Dates for 2014/15

The Arts Council Wales has announced that it is taking a different approach to publishing its funding guidelines for 2014/15.
Rather than publish the new guidelines and application forms at the beginning of the financial year, this year the Arts Council will first publish its new five-year strategy “Creativity and the Arts” and then the new documents.
Groups who want to apply for the following funds should continue to use the 2013/14 guidelines and application forms until the new forms are available.
The following funds will be available for application this year:
Arts Grants for Organisations
§  Small Grants applications can still be submitted at any time with a decision within six working weeks.
§  Large Grants application can still be submitted by one of the four deadlines over the year with a decision within nine working weeks of the following closing dates: 9 May, 15 August, 10 October, 23 January 2015.
National Touring applications can only be submitted in October and January and the application forms will be available later in the year.
The plans for the Creative Wales Awards and Creative Wales Ambassadors will be confirmed at the beginning of April 2014.
The Arts Council of Wales will also be holding 40-minute funding advice sessions across Wales so that organisations can discuss their project ideas and ask questions. Information officers will be able to offer guidance on eligibility and how best to apply for a grant. It is necessary to book a session in advance by contacting the Arts Council’s Information team by email or by phone (0845 8734 9000).
Full details can be found on the Arts Council of Wales website

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