Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wales for Africa Grant Scheme Accepting Applications

Voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations in Wales can apply now for funding to deliver key Wales for Africa projects for a three-year period starting from April 2015.

The Welsh Government’s Wales for Africa programme exists to encourage people in Wales to be active in international development and to improve the effectiveness of Wales for Africa interventions, ensuring the mutual benefits to both Wales and Africa.
The Welsh Government is seeking applications from third sector organisations (either individually or preferably in collaboration) to deliver key Wales for Africa projects for a three-year period from April 2015. The Government has made available £602,000 per year (2015-2018) to fund this grant programme.
Voluntary and community organisations, charities, social enterprises, cooperatives, community mutuals, faith organisations, community interest companies and companies limited by guarantee established for public and community benefit can apply as long as they are financially viable and have their own bank account.
Preference will be given to awarding one grant for the entire programme of work - either to one third sector organisation or a group collaborating together.
The grant will deliver a programme of work based on the following principles:
§  Building effective links between Wales and developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa by facilitating the transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills.
§  Ensuring that any actions undertaken are mutually beneficial to both Wales and the country in Sub-Saharan Africa.
§  Ensuring that sustainable development is at the core of all work undertaken, complementing UK government international sustainable development policy and the work of the major agencies.
§  Reflecting the concerns and connections of the people and communities of Wales in international development.
§  Using public procurement and support to business as a proactive tool for alleviating poverty.
§  Delivering the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and aligning with the Post 2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.
Projects must contribute to delivery of the MDGs in sub-Saharan Africa, or support a Welsh response to international disasters/emergencies and to demonstrate a clear benefit to Wales.
Funding can be used for revenue costs, direct project costs, and costs necessary for the organisation to operate but which are not related specifically to one project.
Applications should be submitted by email by 18 November 2014 (12noon) with a signed hard copy received by 21 November 2014 (12noon).
Full details can be found on the Welsh Government website

Source: Welsh Government, 17/09/2014

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