Thursday, 5 February 2015

HERITAGE ENTERPRISE FUND – Grants from £100,000 to help rescue neglected historic buildings and sites and return them to viable productive use

Heritage Lottery funding is available for projects that have the potential to unlock a heritage asset in need of investment and use it as a stimulus for economic growth.
In most instances this will involve the repair and adaptation of a historic building or a coherent group of historic buildings for an end-use that generates a sustainable commercial income.
Projects are not required to provide open public access once the capital project is completed, but the project should look for opportunities for people to develop skills and learn about heritage during the lifetime of the project.
Grants of between £100,000 and £5 million are available. (Grant requests of over £100,000 and under £2 million will be considered every three months. Grant requests of over £2 million and up to £5 million will be considered every two months.)
Not-for-profit organisations and partnerships led by not-for-profit organisations in the UK are eligible to apply. Not-for-profit organisations can include the following:
• Community or voluntary groups.
• Community Interest Companies.
• Charities and trusts.
• Social enterprises.
• Community/parish councils.
• Local authorities.
• Other public sector organisations.
Partnerships are required to nominate a lead applicant which will be a not-for-profit organisation that will provide a signed partnership agreement showing the involvement of each partner and how the project will be managed.
Funding is not available for the cost of existing staff time or existing organisational costs.
The following are unlikely to receive funding:
• Projects with a focus on residential rather than commercial development.
• Projects where the main focus is an urban park or an active place of worship.
Applicants should submit an online project enquiry form. Heritage Lottery Fund staff will then get in touch within 10 working days to say whether the project fits with the programme and to provide support with an application.
Applications go through a two-round process. First-round application forms should be submitted with a delivery-grant request (for doing the project) and, if needed, a development-grant request (for getting ready to do the project). Successful applicants will then develop a more detailed second-round application.
Applications may be submitted at any time.
Visit the Heritage Enterprise Fund website for further information.
Contact details for Heritage Enterprise are:
Heritage Lottery Fund
7 Holbein Place
London SW1W 8NR
Tel: 020 7591 6042/44

(Source: GRIN)

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