Thursday, 5 February 2015

Red Nose Day Community Cash Fund Opens Across Wales

Comic Relief, Media Wales and the Community Foundation in Wales are working together to distribute a £100,000 Red Nose Day Community Cash fund to Wales.
Constituted voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises, co-operatives, faith organisations and community interest companies that are working locally in Wales are eligible to apply.
Grants of between £500 and £1,000 are available for projects that help people of all ages feel more included in their community, builds their skills and increases their sense of achievement.
Applications must address at least one of the following themes:
  • Improve people's life skills, education, employability and enterprise.
  • Maximise people's ability to strengthen community cohesion and build social capacity.
  • Provide people with opportunities to access local services, achieve greater social justice and to reduce inequality, exclusion and disadvantage.
  • Advance people's physical and mental health, wellbeing and safety.
  • Connect people with the arts, culture and heritage.
  • Transform people's access to, and engagement with, their environment and public spaces.
Examples of the type of activities that will be funded are as follows:
  • Parent and toddler groups.
  • Equipment and material for sports groups.
  • Cross generational work eg young people volunteering at older people’s groups.
  • Lunch clubs for isolated individuals.
  • Running costs for self-help groups.
  • Committee and volunteer/staff training.
  • Disability sports clubs/activities.
  • Training and volunteering projects.
  • Day events that help to build strong relationships within the community.
  • Community groups and set up costs for new groups.
  • Bereavement support groups.
  • Social groups for people with mental health problems.
  • Carer support groups.
  • Advice services to help people resolve money worries.
The deadline for applications is 25 February 2015 (5pm).
Full details can be found on the Community Foundation in Wales website
Source: Community Foundation in Wales, 26/01/2015

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