Monday, 18 May 2015

The Enabling State Chellenge

The Carnegie UK Trust is inviting third, public and private sector organisations across the UK to take part in a new competition.
The Enabling State Challenge is offering a cash prizes of up to £5,000 to UK based organisations that are working to enable individuals and communities to gain more control over their own wellbeing.
According to the Trust, the Challenge is about showcasing and celebrating examples of good enabling approaches in action.
The competition is part of the Trust's Enabling State programme which has been running since 2012.
Five prizes of £5,000 each will be awarded following a public vote to exemplary initiatives that demonstrate how to give communities and individuals greater control in a way that improves wellbeing.
One overall winner will receive an additional £5,000 prize.
The Challenge is free to enter and it is open to any properly constituted UK organisation from within the public, third/voluntary or private sector.
Entries will be assessed on how they apply the eight steps as set out in a Route Map to an Enabling State, which are:
• Getting out of the way
• Giving permission
• Helping people to help each other
• Giving people help to do more
• Giving people rights
• Making enabling the new normal
• Investing in disadvantaged communities
• A focus on wellbeing
In addition, the awards panel will take into account:
• The organisation's approach to partnership working.
• The level of innovation demonstrated.
• The potential for learning and transferability to be derived.
Applications should be made online on the Trust's website.
PLEASE NOTE: applicants will need to submit a three minute video alongside a written summary of their projects.
The deadline for entries is midnight on Friday 26 June 2015.
A shortlist will go to public vote on 1 September and close on 2 October 2015.
Full details can be found on the Carnegie UK Trust's website.

(Source: GRIN)

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