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The National Churches Trust is currently offering funding to help churches address small problems before they turn into large repairs.
Grants of between £1,000 and £2,500 are available. Match funding of at least 50% is required. Applicants are expected to have raised the 50% of the total project cost before applying.
The funding is for urgent and essential structural repair projects to buildings that were originally built as churches.
Applications for listed buildings of all ages will be considered. Applicants should show that their inspecting architect is aware of, and in approval of the works, and have two quotes from contractors.
Applicants are expected to achieve at least one of the following:
o Heritage in better condition; and
o Churches will be more sustainable.
The following types of project are eligible for funding:
o Addressing access issues to high level to allow volunteers or professionals to perform regular inspections or maintenance of roofs and rainwater goods;
o Introducing improvements to rainwater systems, such as introducing overflow spouts or installing wider-diameter gutters and downpipes;
o Removing inappropriate vegetation growth from buildings that threatens historic fabric or rainwater management systems;
o Replacing faulty or damaged gutter systems;
o Repairing or enhancing damaged or inadequate ground drainage;
o Investigating, repairing or installing soakaways;
o Addressing lost, damaged or slipped roof tiles;
o Addressing pest infestations;
o Renew, re-fix or repair flashings;
o Replace broken floor tiles;
• Addressing masonry/brickwork issues and repointing;
o Fitting new louvres and bird mesh in tower openings; or
o Internal repairs to ceilings and walls.
Funding is not available for the following:
o Buildings that have been converted into places of worship, such as shops, offices or houses;
o Chapels within hospitals, hospices, schools or prisons or other such institutions;
o Projects that have started before the application was submitted;
o Construction of new places of worship or separate structures;
o Works to cathedral buildings;
o Works to buildings that were not originally constructed as a place of worship;
o Works to an existing building that is separate from the existing place of worship (even if it is on the same site, a church hall, or owned by the church);
o Repairs to or scheduled maintenance of clocks, organs, wall paintings, bells, monuments, fittings and fixtures, solar panels or boilers;
o Works to boundary walls, paths, churchyards or car parks;
o Regular inspection surveys; and
o Training in maintenance skills/knowledge.
Applications will be accepted from churches, chapels and meeting houses of any age, as long as they are open for public worship. In the case of buildings that have been closed to the public, there must be plans to reopen the building for public worship and a congregation waiting to use the building.
The Trust will consider places of worship in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.PLEASE NOTE: priority will be given to North East England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Congregations can be of any denomination that is a member or associated member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Unitarian buildings may also be considered.  
The 2017 deadlines for application are:
o Wednesday 4 January 2017;
o Wednesday10 May 2017; and
o Wednesday 6 September 2017.
An application form and guidance notes can be downloaded from the National Churches Trust's website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
The National Churches Trust
7 Tufton Street
London SW1P 3QB
Tel: 020 7222 0605
(Source: GRIN)

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