Tuesday, 29 November 2016


The Stock Exchange Veterans began life as a football team in 1958. Although the only qualification for selection was to enjoy football, many talented players with a wide variety of honours have starred for the Veterans over the years, leading to the Veterans becoming a fundraising charitable trust (no. 211359) with the following aims:
“To assist, in every manner possible, persons in distress, by making grants, either directly or through other institutions”.
No minimum or maximum award levels are published by the Trust. However during 2015-16 the Trust allocated grants totalling £84,565 to 70 applicants. The average grant was therefore slightly over £1,200.
Awards suggest a preference for funding charities that benefit children and have previously included:
A list of all organisations funded during 2015/16 can be found on the charity’s website.
Applications may be made at any time. PLEASE NOTE: only UK registered charities may apply.
Applications should be made using the online request form available on the Stock Exchange Veterans website.
Contact details for the Veterans are:
Mr Michael Dedman
Stock Exchange Veterans
53 Rayleigh Road
CM13 1AJ
Tel: 01277 261453 

(The charity does not provide an email address.) 
(Source: GRIN)

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