Thursday, 26 July 2012

Small Grants for Powys Youth Volunteering

Individuals and groups can gain a grant, in the region of, £250 to
support young people’s volunteering.  The application must be
submitted by a young person aged 14-25 years.

Project proposals must demonstrate:
•       how organisations will involve young people aged 14 – 25 in                                                                                 
        developing their voluntary activities.  A minimum of 4 young people,
        aged 14 – 25 need to be involved when submitting a Youth Led Grant
        Scheme application but the project can involve anyone.
•       how they will deliver new, high quality volunteering experiences
•       how they will approach and attract young people, particularly those
         that are disadvantaged or excluded.

Some examples of projects that have been supported in the past include:
•       Young people carrying out wood recycling work and making new
         equipment for their school.
•       Buying promotional materials and recruiting new members for a small
         young farmers’ club.
•       Camping equipment to enable young people to complete outdoor trips
•       Young people learning life-saving skills using defibrillators.

We welcome your ideas…..

The first deadline for applications is Friday 28 September 2012, see email PAVO Helpdesk 0845 009 3288

Applications will be assessed by a panel of young people in Powys.

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