Friday, 20 July 2012

Well Being Activity Grant 2012/13

The aim of the grant is to support the priority areas outlined within the Powys Public Health Strategic Framework and be core to the Our Healthy Future priority areas for action:
v  Reducing smoking prevalence
v  Increasing physical activity and healthy eating
v  Reducing the harm associated with alcohol and substance  misuse
v  Reduce the number of teenage pregnancies
v  Increase health in the workplace
v  Increase immunisation and vaccination rates
v  Reducing accidents and injuries
v  Increasing mental well-being
v  Reducing inequities in health

Partners are invited to bid for £1,000 - £5,000. Previously partners have been offered part-funded towards their application, please consider how you would implement and manage your project if you were offered part-funding.
The grant cannot be used to:
  • Fund salary costs.
  • Fund the training of statutory, public or private employees; however payment for training third sector employees and volunteers to deliver health improvement or protection work is permitted.
  • Part- fund an activity or project that is already receiving funding from the Welsh Government.  However it can be used to undertake work that is in addition to an existing commitment or to communicate an activity which is receiving funding from the Welsh Government.
  • Commission a consultant to advise on a strategy, action plan, programme or project.
  • Fund public sector policy development, conferences, workshops or meetings.

Closing date for receipt of applications: Friday 7th September 2012
Successful applicants will be notified via email by (date):21st September 2012
Please return either an electronic copy or a hard copy of the completed application form with supporting documents to: or
Marie Grannell
Senior Public Health Practitioner
Public Health Wales (Powys Public Health Team)
The Courtyard
Bronllys Hospital
Brecon, Powys, LD3 0LU

For general enquiries and advice please contact Marie Grannell on Tel: 01874 712729 /

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