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Impetus offers venture philanthropy packages to ambitious, innovative charities and social enterprises that are helping children and young people aged 11-24 living in poverty in the UK get the support they need to unlock their full potential.

Funding and expertise is provided to support the development of a whole organisation and not just a particular project or activity.
Its venture philanthropy package consists of:
o Strategic funding;
o Management support; and
o Pro bono expertise.
In the financial year ending 31 December 2013, Impetus awarded just under £9 million in grants, although its total audited funding package, including pro bono and investment management services, was estimated at £58 million.
Awards were made under the following general headings:
o Work readiness;
o Educational attainment;
o Reducing offending;
o Early years;
o Research; and
o Other.
Strategic funding
Long-term core funding to enable charities and social enterprises so they can improve their effectiveness and build their capacity. This funding is linked to the organisation meeting pre-agreed milestones, which are tracked on a quarterly basis. Impetus particularly looks to work with innovative charities and social enterprises, helping transform their performance over a defined period of time so they can help many more economically disadvantaged people in England.
Management support
Hands-on management support is given to the chief executive and senior management of the charity by an experienced, in-house investment team. Impetus-PEF investment team members have substantial consulting, financial and voluntary sector experience, and their support spans the entire investment period.
Pro bono expertise
Support from highly skilled experts who volunteer their skills to undertake specific, mutually agreed capacity-building activities. Each project has a defined period of time and objective, to ensure results.
Example projects include:
1. Business model review and business planning.
2. Financial planning and reporting.
3. Development of performance measures.
4. Senior management team coaching.
The Trust can be contacted at any time to discuss eligibility.
Further information is available on the Impetus website.
Contact details for Impetus are:
Courtney White
Impetus Private Equity Foundation
183 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1BU
Tel: 0203 474 1000
Email: courtney.white@impetus-pef.org.uk   

(Source: GRIN)

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