Tuesday, 28 July 2015

THE HINRICHSEN FOUNDATION – Grants between £1,000 and £10,000 to support organisations and individuals undertaking projects to promote music in the UK (next application deadline 20 August 2015)

The charitable objectives of the Hinrichsen Foundation are “the advancement of the education and the improvement of the appreciation of members of the general public by:

o the promotion of the composition, performance and recording of music, and
o to relieve musicians, employees and ex-employees of music publishing entities, including widows, widowers and children. who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress”
The Foundation has mainly supported the performance, under strictly non-commercial conditions, of new and recent music.
It has also occasionally provided funds for research projects not being conducted under the aegis of an academic institution.
From 2014, the Foundation has continued this policy of grant-aid, but within a more flexible framework:  although support will continue to be provided on the same scale and for the same kinds of project as in the past, there is also the possibility of larger provision in certain cases where the Trustees feel that a more committed and specific association would be appropriate and helpful.
Grants normally fall between £1,000 and £10,000. In the financial year ending 31 December 2013 the Foundation awarded grants totalling £73,650 (2012 - £36,172) to 35 organisations and individuals.
Financial support falls into two main categories: (1) New Initiative Projects and (2) Grants.
(1) New Initiative Projects
These are multi-year partnerships with organisations with a focus on supporting the creation and performance of contemporary classical music by living composers. They provide a level of longer term commitment to these organisations (initially up to three years subject to availability of funds) and a closer level of engagement with the Foundation.
Organisations that benefitted during 2013 include:
Exaudi (£3,000),
Tete a Tete Opera (£10,000)
Vale of Glamorgan Festival (£4,000), and
Ballet Rambert (£2,000). 
(2) Grants
Grants are based on an application process and are assessed by the Trustees on a quarterly basis in accordance with a number of criteria including:
o Contemporary music content,
o Audience reach,
o Potential for other funding,
o Availability of other contemporary performance in the applicant's area, and
o Consideration of the significance of the proposed project to the local community as well as the broader UK contemporary music landscape.
Previous awards have included:
Funding is not available for:
o Projects with a very large over-arching budget or where the budgeting is unclear or largely speculative.
o Applications for which there are existing official schemes of help.
o Assistance in purchasing musical instruments or equipment including the electronic or computer variety.
o Degree courses.
o Retrospective grants.
The Foundation prefers to support organisations that are making a contribution themselves to the total costs required.
The next application deadline is Thursday 20 August 2015.
Further information and an application form is available to download from the Foundation's website.
Contact details for the Hinrichsen Foundation are:
The Hinrichsen Foundation
2-6 Baches Street
London N1 6DN

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