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The Stepping Stones grant scheme is provided by The Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls and aims to help reduce child poverty by breaking the link between the lack of access to education and the cycle of poverty.
The scheme supports the most disadvantaged children by providing grants to other charities which undertake work in this area.
The maximum grant is £20,000 for one year and £30,000 across a two year period. There is no match funding requirement. About 15 grants are awarded in total each year, two or three of which are maximum grants.
To be eligible, applicants must be:
o Engaged in work aimed at reducing child poverty/breaking the cycle of poverty through education and education-related activities.
o In a position to significantly impact life outcomes for young people.
o Able to demonstrate their understanding of the regional or national context in which they work and the root causes of the issues they wish to tackle.
The funding should be used for specific programmes, initiatives and one-off/specific overhead costs and will cover projects, salaries or core-funding.
The Trust is particularly interested in:
o Working with charities which can use the grant period to move into a stronger position to attract other funders once the Trust withdraws.
o Working with projects that can demonstrate their impact or well evidenced new projects that need start-up funding in order to obtain data that demonstrates their impact.
o Considering new and innovative ideas aimed at helping vulnerable children and young people succeed in life which could provide a model for wider application.
o Supporting programmes that work with populations excluded from mainstream educational services.
Previous grants have included:
o Funding a programme providing training and accommodation for homeless youth.
o Supporting the costs of a senior clinical supervisor to work with children who experienced deprivation or trauma in their early years.
o Providing assistive educational technology for young disabled people.
o Funding day care services for children with special needs.
o Funding a children’s worker in a refuge for women who have experienced domestic violence.
o Supported the staged roll out of a project to enable disadvantaged teenagers to improve their communication skills in preparation for the workplace.
The following are NOT eligible for funding:
o General contributions to capital or building projects.
o Beneficiaries outside of England and Wales.
o Grant-giving umbrella organisations.
o Charities solely working in Scotland or Northern Ireland.
Charities interested in applying should submit a one-page initial enquiry that includes the charity’s registration number, details about the main area of work, the amount of the grant requested and a description of the programme or project that the grant would be used towards, including its location. This can be sent by email or by post.
The deadline for one-page initial enquiries is Friday 14 August 2015.
Further details about the Trust and how to apply are available on its website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
Oliver Carrington
The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys
60 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ
Tel: 020 7405 2644

(Source: GRIN)

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