Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Balcombe Charitable Trust

The Balcombe Charitable Trust provides grants to charitable organisations in the UK.
Eligible organisations must be a UK registered charity or a charitable organisation which is exempt from registration.
Grants are intended to support organisations undertaking projects in the following areas:
o Education,
o Environment,
o Health, and
o Welfare.
Previously grants have been awarded for between £200 and£160,000. In the financial year ending 5 April 2014 the Trust made donations to 21 different charitable organisations totalling£419,695. The average award was slightly below £20,00095% of all grants were awarded to health and welfare projects.
In many cases the Trust provides funding for two or three years to help ensure the stability of a project or initiative. New projects are required to have a business plan that demonstrates the applicant’s long-term sustainability.
Funding is not available for individuals.
 Examples of funded projects include:
o The installation of shared kitchens at a hostel for the homeless;
o Welfare advice and support for young people living with HIV;
o Funding for a family support team counsellor in a hospice; and
o The further development of a telephone befriending service for the isolated and elderly along with outreach work to empower and support carers who are otherwise isolated in the community.
The Trust does not maintain a website or have a formal application form. Applications, which may be made at any time, should be in writing to the Trust.
Further information about the Trust is available on the Charity Commission website.
Contact the Balcombe Charitable Trust for further information at:
Jonathan Prevezer
Balcombe Charitable Trust
c/o Citroen Wells
Devonshire House
1 Devonshire Street
London W1W 5DR

(Source: GRIN)

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