Thursday, 17 September 2015


The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has introduced a new Youth Fund which will provide grants between £10,000 and £60,000 in total over two years.
The Foundation expects to make around 30 awards each year, so this will be an extremely competitive scheme.
Applicants must:
o Be not-for-profit;
o Work in the UK;
o Work at either local, regional or national levels, or at more than one level;
o Provide direct services and/or second-tier support.
The Fund will pay for core operating costs to help grow an organisation’s impact.
Examples of the types of initiative that can be funded include:
o Part-funding for the salary of a key individual, whether the Chief Executive or a post such as a Head of Operations/Finance;
o Additional fundraising or income generation capacity;
o Upgrading IT systems or website to reach young people online;
o Installing a new database to capture data on the organisation’s impact;
o Staff training or development;
o Running costs such as utilities and other bills;
o Policy work. 
Funding is not available for:
o Applications to fund specific projects – the Fund supports core costs of organisations only;
o Academic research, short courses, scholarships or bursaries.
The Foundation wants to grant aid organisations which work with young people in a way that recognises and builds on their strengths and potential.
The following list sets out some the circumstances:
o Poverty and lack of income;
o Unemployment and poor employment prospects or insecure attachment to the labour market;
o Discrimination, for example on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion;
o Being stigmatised by others, including the media;
o Experience of abuse, victimisation or exploitation;
o Homelessness;
o Trouble with the law and involvement in the criminal justice system;
o Becoming a parent at a young age and lacking support;
o Lacking support with mental health and wellbeing;
o Lacking support to manage having a learning disability;
o Experience of the care system or kinship care, family mental health or addiction problems;
o Struggling with addiction or a stigmatising health condition. 
The Youth Fund is an open process without deadlines.
It has two stages and applications may be made at any time by completing an online application form (applicants are required to register with the Foundation first) answering a standard set of questions.
For further information visit the Foundation’s Youth Fund webpage.  

(Source: GRIN)

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