Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Gardening for the Disabled Trust

The Gardening for the Disabled Trust supports individuals in the United Kingdom including:
o People with a wide range of disabilities including visual, physical and mental;
o People who need to re-organise gardens because of health issues;
o Residents in long stay hospitals or nursing homes who share a garden.
PLEASE NOTE: applicants are required to become a member of the Trust's Garden Club. There is no charge for membership, however.
The Trust attempts to raise around £30,000 each year through its own fundraising efforts. Funds are then distributed in the form of grants.
Awards tend to modest and rarely exceed £1,000 per applicant.
The Trust offers the following support:
o The adaptation of private gardens to meet the special needs of disabled people;
o Grants towards tools, raised beds, paving, wheelchair access and greenhouses;
o Provision of help with special gardens in hospitals, centres and schools; and to
o Provide information on garden aids and techniques.
Funding is not available for general maintenance, clearing or fencing.
If possible, successful applicants are asked to take a photograph of the completed work and send it to the Trust together with a receipt for the work done.
Applications may be made at any time.
There is no formal application form.  Applicants are required to submit an application by letter giving details of the work to be carried out, including an estimate of the cost of the material and tools. The letter should be posted to the Trust, along with:
o Two competitive quotes if labour is required;
o A written letter from the applicant's GP, social worker or occupational therapist describing the disability;
o A stamped-addressed envelope.
For further information about the work of the Trust is available on its website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
The Secretary
The Gardening for Disabled Trust
PO Box 285
Kent TN2 9JD
(The Trust does not advertise a phone number.)  

(Source: GRIN)

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