Monday, 4 September 2017

Ernest Cook Trust

South West based the Ernest Cook Trust provides grants to UK registered charities, state schools and not-for-profit organisations to encourage young people's interest in either:
o The countryside and the environment;
o The arts;
o Aiming to raise levels of literacy and numeracy; or
o Science.
The  Trust has two grant programmes:
1. Small grants for awards of under £4,000. Most awards are in the region of £1,000 to £1,500; and
2. Large grants for awards of more than £4,000. Most awards are in the range of £4,000 to £12,000.
Applicants are expected to show what other sources of funding have been sought and secured. The Trust always expects to be a part funder and does not commit funds for more than one year.
The small grants programme supports state schools and small registered charities which would like to undertake projects which meet the Trust's objectives and require a small amount of pump-priming in order for such projects to take place.
The large grants programme is aimed at more comprehensive education programmes. These sometimes require support for the salary of, for example, an education officer. In such cases, the Trust would always expect to be a part-funder. The range of the programme is wide; over the years education projects linked to theatres, art galleries, museums and orchestras have been supported, as have those covering a wide range of environmental and countryside projects.  
Funding is not available for:
o Projects that have already taken place;
o Individuals;
o Agricultural Colleges, independent schools, local authorities or pre-school groups;
o Building work, infrastructure or refurbishment work;
o Youth work, social support, therapy and medical treatment, including projects using the arts, environment or literacy and numeracy for these purposes;
o Projects related to sports, outward bound type activities or recreation;
o Overseas projects;
o Wildlife Trusts and for Farming & Wildlife Advisory Groups other than those which are based in counties in which the Ernest Cook Trust owns land (Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire and Oxfordshire).
Meetings to consider applications for the small grants programme take place every two months throughout the year.
There is no specific closing date and suitable applications are allocated to the next available meeting.
Due to high demand, applicants are advised to submit an application at least six months ahead of the project start date.
The full Board of Trustees meets twice a year, in April and September, to consider grants in excess of £4,000. At the spring meeting only projects related to the arts, crafts & architecture and literacy, numeracy & science are considered, while at the autumn meeting only projects covering environment & countryside and literacy, numeracy & science are considered.
Applications for the spring meeting (which usually takes place in mid-April) must be received by the Trust by 31 January. Applications for the autumn meeting (which takes place in September) must be received by the Trust by 31 July.
There are no application forms. All applicants are asked to post a covering letter on the official headed paper of the applicant organisation and also include the following:
o Up to two additional sheets of A4 describing the organisation, outlining the project and specifying its educational elements and the way in which it fits in with the interests of the Trust;
o A simple budget for the project, outlining the way in which the grant would be spent;
o A list of any other funding applications;
o The latest annual report and accounts for the organisation (schools are not required to send one).
Applicants should not send any further supporting material or submit email applications.
For further information visit the Ernest Cook website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
Jose Phillips
Grants Administrator
The Ernest Cook Trust
The Estate Office
Fairford Park
Tel: 01285 712492
(Source: GRIN)

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