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The Michael Tippett Musical Foundation provides small grants for the development of group music making in the United Kingdom, especially projects involving young people in projects incorporating composition and creative ideas. Funding is available for new and established projects.
Projects taking place in or out of school, college or university, or in community settings in the UK will be considered.
The Foundation likes to see composition as central to projects put forward for support. The Foundation will therefore also consider applications from organisations for group projects working with young composers. These could be projects and schemes offering innovative ways for young composers to develop their talents and experience through engaging with group musical activity.
The Foundation is especially interested in:
o Projects involving young people - the Foundation hopes to see applications which aim to open young people’s ears, to stimulate creativity in sound and provide a springboard for young composers to move forward with aspiration;
o The project's musical aspirations - the Foundation wants to see that the project is aiming for music making of high quality within the project context. Creative projects may take many different styles and forms;
o The artistic leadership of the project - the Foundation believes strongly in the importance of a project's artistic leadership. The artistic leader(s) involved in the project should be clearly identified and named in the application; and
o How the project will be planned, managed and evaluated - the Foundation wants to know who is responsible for the management of the schedule, the participants, appointment of the leaders, evaluation and the budget. Successful applicants will be asked for a report on the project when it is completed, so plans for evaluation should be made from the start.
Grants of between £500 and £4,000 are available. The average grant is £2,000. Approximately 25% of all applicants are successful in securing a grant.
During the year ending 31 August 2017 the Foundation made just 10 awards totalling £22, 000.
In general, the Foundation is unlikely to fund a large scale project in which its contribution may be considered insignificant.
Funding is not available for:
o The purchase of musical instruments or equipment, including computer hardware, software or accessories;
o Capital purchase or development;
o Study fees or maintenance costs for individuals;
o General performance or recording costs;
o Commissions for solely professional performance;
o Projects that have already been completed; or
o Retrospective costs.
The Foundation has one application round annually. The 2018 deadline for applications is Friday 28 September for projects starting from December 2018.
Applications should be sent in both electronic and paper format and include:
o A short introductory letter (maximum one page of A4) clearly identifying the organisation and/or individual/s applying, the sum requested, and the names and contact details of two referees who would be willing to support the application;
o A project description (maximum two single sided A4 pages) covering the following topics:

Title - organisation applying, project title and sum requested;
Musical aspirations, aims, content and intended outcomes.
Numbers and ages of participants with names of schools or other organisations which will benefit/participate in the project and a plan for recruitment if not working with pre-existing groups;
The artistic leadership of the project - named and with experience detailed;
Project plan including the start date, time frame, number of sessions and where it will take place; and
>The management of the project and plans for evaluation.
o The project budget (preferably on a single page) showing estimated expenditure and anticipated income from all sources, including grants and applications to other bodies, with explanatory notes if needed;
o Additional information (e.g. biographies of project leaders) can be enclosed if wished and will be used for reference. Applicants should not send CDs, DVDs, movies or videos.
Further information is available on the Michael Tippett Music Foundation website.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
Gwyn Rhydderch
Michael Tippett Musical Foundation
50 Broadway
Email: admin@tippettfoundation.org.uk

(The Foundation does not advertise a phone number.)
(Source: GRIN)

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