Thursday, 14 January 2016

Imminent Deadline for PRS for Music Foundation’s Open Fund for Organisations

The PRS for Music Foundation is the UK's largest independent funder purely for new music of any genre. The Foundation's Open Fund for Organisations offers grants to promoters, large performance groups, talent development organisations, venues and curators that promote and encourage new music.

Grants of up to £10,000 are available for projects that involve the creation, performance and promotion of new music, and enable songwriters, composers, artists, bands and performers of all backgrounds to develop creatively and professionally.

The scheme will support:

   - Touring.
   - Recording.
   - Promotion and marketing.
   - Commissions of new music by UK-based creators.
   - Exciting community projects involving high-quality music creators.
   - Music creator residencies.
   - Live programmes featuring new UK music.
   - Programmes that strongly feature or are based around new music.
   - Equipment/rehearsal space hire if it is an essential part of the project.
   - Administrative costs.
   - Development time.
   - Website creation (only if crucial to the promotion of the project).
   - Music videos when part of wider project activity.
   - Musician fees - projects will not be funded if musicians are not paid.
   - Contingency (up to 10% of the total project budget).
   - Concerts, record launches, gigs, tours, installations, festivals and promoters which feature a significant programme of new UK music.

Organisations must have a track record of playing, writing or developing for over 18 months.

The next deadline is 1 February 2016 (6pm).

(Source: Grantfinder)

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