Monday, 4 January 2016

Launch of Postcode Local Trust for 2016 (GB)

Short-term, designated funding will be available for good causes which benefit wildlife, enhance biodiversity, or renovate/create new green habitats. Consideration will also be given to sustainable energy projects benefitting local areas. Funding will be available for activities, such as:

   - Creation of community gardens which benefit local areas.
   - Habitat restoration projects which benefit biodiversity and which provide lasting benefits to a community such as on-going recreation activities, flood prevention schemes, natural hedgerow boundaries.
   - Tree planting or creation of community orchard projects.
   - Wildflower meadow creation.
   - Projects which create bird, bug and beastie homes.
   - Outdoor education projects delivered with local communities by environmental charities.
   - Green-energy projects which create more sustainable solutions to lowering, eg, energy costs for a community.
   - Micro-hydro schemes benefiting a local community.

Grassroots organisations, local charities and non-profit community businesses that are seeking to effect positive change within their local area in England, Scotland and Wales are eligible to apply.

Grants range from £500 to £20,000 for those in Scotland and England and up to £10,000 for those in Wales.

Applications will be accepted from 5 January 2016 with a deadline of 28 January 2016.

A further round will take place in 2016 with applications being accepted between 1 September 2016 and 30 September 2016.

(Source: Grantfinder)

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