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Also known as the King George’s Fund for Sailors, Seafarers UK provides grants for:
o Young people in maritime youth groups focusing on those considering or pursuing a career at sea.
o Older seafarers, over the usual age of retirement, and their dependants.
o Working age seafarers working at sea in the maritime industries, former seafarers under retirement age and Merchant Navy cadets and trainees.
o Families and dependants of current or former seafarers who are still of working age.
No minimum or maximum level of funding is specified by the Trust. During 2015 Seafarers UK awarded 105 grants totalling £2,296 million. Previous awards have ranged from £236,639 (The Fisherman’s Mission in 2014) to £1,000.
Seafarers UK will consider applications for:
o Project costs.
o Revenue costs such as staff salaries or general running costs.
o Some Capital costs - however the trustees have stated that priority will be given to projects or activities that support the ongoing work of charities in delivering direct services and benefits to current and ex-seafarers and their families. In light of this, it is unlikely that substantial capital grants will be awarded.
Funding is not available for:
• Individuals.
• Sailing or youth clubs.
• Marine Societies and Sea Cadet - individual units.
• Religious organisations where the grant would promote religious beliefs. Support is available to religious organisations where the primary purpose of the grant would be the welfare or pastoral care of seafarers, ex-seafarers, their spouses or dependents.
• Political and campaigning organisations.
• Sea Rescue and Lifeboat Services.
• Activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide.
• Endowments.
• Loans or interest payments.
• Fundraising activities for the organisation or any other group or activity.
• Contingency costs.
• PR/marketing costs.
For more information about the type of projects Seafarers UK will support, visit its grant programme guidelines (see link midway down the page). 
Registered charities and organisations with charitable aims that are working with all sections of the maritime community are eligible to apply.
Maritime charities may apply for large and small grants any number of times in a one calendar year as long as each application is for a separate activity, project or service. 
Organisations that work with children, young people or vulnerable adults must have acceptable child protection/vulnerable adult policies and procedures in place.
Application deadlines for 2016 are:
o Monday 22 February;
o Monday 23 May;
o Wednesday 24 August: and
o Monday 24 October. 
Application forms are available to complete online at the charity's website.
Contact details for Seafarer’s UK are:
Seafarers UK
8 Hatherley Street
London SW1P 2QT
Tel: 020 79320000

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