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The Asda Foundation provides grant funding to support capital costs, including buildings, renovations, vehicles and equipment such as computers and audio systems.
Projects must make a significant difference to local communities and the people who live there, while meeting the following objectives:
o Identify opportunities, initiatives and new ways to support local communities;
o The charity/good cause has developed a relationships with the local store, depot or home office at a grassroots level;
o Tackle the underlying problems in the local community;
o Apply evidence from programmes of community needs and aspirations to develop their existing model;
o Benefits the wider community and is not just supporting a single user group;
o There is a proven need for the facility locally;
o The project  will make a real long term difference;
o The project will  transform the community, improving the lives of those who live there.
Funding is at the discretion of the Trust. Grants awarded last years ranged from less than £1,000 to £383,536
During the year ending 31 December 2015 the Foundation made charitable donations totalling 4,640.863 to around 300 projects.
Registered charities and local not-for-profit organisations in the UK can apply. To be eligible, applicants must:
o Have the experience and capacity to deliver and maintain the project;
o Have a current 3-5 year project plan in place;
o Have the systems in place to ensure their finances are well managed.
The following are not eligible for funding:
o Revenue costs only, such as salaries and overhead costs;
o Individuals;
o For-profit organisations;
o Projects that will benefit only one user group;
o Projects with similar facilities in the applicant's community;
o Schools;
o Religious centres;
o Parks; or
o Government owned buildings.
Unsuccessful applicants will not be able to reapply for the same project.
The application process is as follows:
1. Groups should first complete the online eligibility checker, which can be found on the Asda Foundation website;
2 Groups whose projects fit the Foundation's guidelines and criteria should then contact their Community Champion at their local Asda to see if this is something they wish to support locally;
3. Applications must be approved and signed by the project co-ordinator and the General Store Manager;
4. Applications will be reviewed by the Asda Foundation team. If additional information is required the Community Champion will be contacted;
5. Successful applications will be put to the board of trustees who review applications on a monthly basis.
Applications may be made at any time.
For further information, visit the Asda Foundation website.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
The ASDA Foundation
Asda House
Great Wilson Street
LS11 5AD
Tel: 0113 243 5435  

(The Foundation does not provide an email address.)  

(Source: GRIN)

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