Monday, 12 June 2017


For agencies working in the field of health and well-being, this one-off grant programme could represent an opportunity to form a partnership with a local library to develop a collaborative funding proposal to the Carnegie Trust.
The aims of the Engaging Libraries Fund are to:
o Create new ways for local communities to use and engage with libraries;
o Give libraries the resources and time to experiment and explore how they can deliver projects that creatively and critically engage their communities/audiences with health and wellbeing topics;
o Enable people to connect with topics about health and well-being in ways that are interesting and accessible to them; and
o Support libraries to share and reflect on their experience of public engagement and share learning about the barriers and opportunities that public engagement methodologies bring to the health and well-being offer within libraries.
UK Public libraries can apply for the following funding:
£5,000 - £15,000 to deliver a public engagement project on a health or wellbeing theme. While most applications are expected to fall within this bracket, there is an opportunity to request up to £25,000 for more ambitious projects;
o A package of support from library and public engagement experts;
o A Kickstarter Day with the opportunity to share project ideas, get advice about public engagement and support to think about your evaluation. There will also be the chance to meet other projects; and
o An external evaluation to ensure learning and experience is captured and shared more widely.
The programme is aiming to support around 8-10 libraries and activities must be completed between October 2017 and October 2018.
The Carnegie UK Trust is looking for applications that involve one or more activities and events that:
o Involve engaging with members of the community in creative and imaginative ways;
o Engage people on the themes connected to health and well-being which local audiences can relate to in ways that are accessible and relevant to them;
o Are a two-way process, which may involve activities like participation, conversation, interaction and listening;
o Are developed and delivered directly by library staff inside or outside the library space with others or are developed and delivered in partnership with others, with activity happening inside the library space.
Eligible costs include:
o Direct activity and production costs including venue costs, equipment and materials;
o Project travel costs, including costs of travel to monitoring meeting and attendance at relevant UK conferences;
o Project administration costs where these are not already covered by other funding;
o Project publicity costs;
o Contingency - as long as reasonable and justified;
o Personnel costs directly related to the project, including backfill, salary replacement or cover and consultancy costs, project management fees;
o Travel expenses to attend the Kickstarter workshop.
The funding will not cover:
o Core overheads not related to the project, e.g. heating, rent;
o Expenses incurred in submitting an application;
o Costs arising prior to the start date of the project;
o Arts for therapeutic purposes;
o Projects that are not collaborative; or
o Applications which are primarily aimed at health promotion or delivering arts for therapeutic purposes.
Applicants must first read the application pack and then apply using the online application form which can be found on the Carnegie UK Trust website.
Applicants are required to register on the site first.
The deadline for applications is Wednesday 23 August 2017.
Contact details for the Engaging Libraries Fund are:
Georgina Bowyer
Projects Officer
Carnegie UK Trust
Comley Park House
Dunfermline KY12 7EJ
Tel: 01383 721 445
(Source: GRIN)

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