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Active Spaces is a new national programme which will create activity programmes to inspire the most inactive communities to get active and use their local outdoor spaces.
The programme will secure 50 new Fields in Trust protected sites across the UK and help increase participation in many different physical activities in local parks, playing fields and green spaces which will be protected for future generations to use and enjoy.
The programme is also designed to encourage people, particularly the most inactive communities, to participate in physical activity, sport and play. Inactivity in this programme 'inactivity' is defined as being those individuals doing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.
The Fund is intended for programmes on a newly protected Fields in Trust field (2017 onwards – contact the Fields in Trust or see its website for more information - there's a postcode checker at this LINK which is well worth having a look at as there are likely to be more  Fields in Trust sites in your area than you might expect).
Landowners, which will often be local authorities, particularly Parish Councils, can opt to select a programme to be delivered on the site by one of Fields in Trust’s national partners to the equivalent value of £5,000, or apply to deliver a programme themselves via a local delivery agent.
The following conditions apply:
o The physical activity programme must take place at the newly protected Fields in Trust field;
o The field should be located within an area that has a level of physical inactivity within the target groups that is higher than the regional average - Sport England or  your local Active Sports Partnership should be able to provide information about local levels of inactivity);
o The landowner must be able to demonstrate a commitment to tackling physical inactivity;
o The programme should aim to engage inactive people, including those from any of the following groups: 
> disabled people;
> women and girls;
> people from lower socio-economic groups;
> those at risk of long-term health conditions;
> people from particular ethnic groups; and
> older people aged 55 and over.
o The Active Spaces programme should aim to be a catalyst to deliver longer term sustainable physical activity opportunities, particularly if the landowner plans to apply for an associated capital grant;
o Programme deliverers must commit to monitoring the programme through the registration and surveying of activity participants, via the programme forms included as appendices to the guidance notes. (If a landowner selects to use a Fields in Trust delivery partner, this partner will be responsible for this monitoring.)
o Programme deliverers and landowners must be able to commit to a target of engaging previously inactive people during the programme. (Engagement is defined as attendance of at least 50% of the total sessions.)
o Programmes must be completed within 12 months of a programme being awarded.
Examples of the type of project that could be funded include:
o Fitness bootcamps;
o Jogging introductory sessions;
o Walking football/cricket programmes;
o Outdoor fitness equipment coaching programmes; or
o Other sport taster sessions.
The following are ineligible for funding::
o One-off events;
o Projects which have already started;
o Projects solely aimed at primary school children;
o Projects previously run at the site in question;  and
o Recoverable VAT.
Applications should be made by the landowner of the Fields in Trust field.
Applications can be supported by local user groups such as sports clubs and 'Friends of the Park' and their involvement in the programme is encouraged. If it is not the landowner leading on the programme delivery then a supporting statement from the landowner is required.
Applicants should provide a basic budget for their programme if submitting an application not using a Fields in Trust delivery partner, including estimated costs, and any funding from other sources, along with the £5,000 grant requested from Fields in Trust. A budget is not necessary for applicants not opting to work with a Fields in Trust delivery partner.
Applications will be assessed on site suitability and project impact and the assessment will also consider whether local funding has been secured to increase project value.
Once  the full quota of eligible and approved applicants in the region the fund shall close.
Application is by application form, available on the Trust's website. The deadline for applications to be considered in the first round is Friday 7th July 2017.
Applicants will be notified of the decision within three weeks of application submission, except where clarification or further information is requested.
For further information about this programme, visit the Fields in Trust website.
Fields in Trust Cymru
Manager: Rhodri Edwards
Sport Wales National Centre
Sophia Gardens
CF11 9SW
T: 02920 334 935

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