Thursday, 11 June 2015

Edith Murphy Foundation

The Edith Murphy Foundation offers grants to charities working in the UK.
The grant is intended to provide the following:
o Relief for those who by reason of their age, youth, infirmity, disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances are suffering hardship or distress or are otherwise in need.
o Relief of suffering of animals of any species who are in need of care and attention and the provision and maintenance of facilities of any description for the reception and care of unwanted animals and the treatment of sick or ill-treated animals.
o Donations to any charitable institution or foundation at the discretion of the Foundation.
Grants are normally between £500 and £5,000, although larger grants are made in some circumstances.
During the financial year ending 31 March 2014 the Foundation made 186 grants to charitable organisations totalling £1,044,40 under the following headings:
o Welfare (£622,224)
o Children's charities (£218,100)
o Help for disabled (£29,080)
o Animal Charities (£37,500) and
o Education (£37,500)
UK registered charities are eligible to apply. PLEASE NOTE: the Foundation will give priority to national charities and charitable causes in Leicestershire and the East Midlands. However, it will support projects outside of these priorities.
Grants are not made to individuals.
The application process is ongoing and interested applicants may apply at any time.
Applications should be submitted in writing and contain the following information:
• The full name and address of the charity to which correspondence should be sent and cheques made payable in the event of a grant being made.
• The charity number.
• A brief description of the charity and its activities if this is a first application.
• What the grant is for.
• Who will benefit.
• How much any specific item will cost.
• Other fundraising activities being carried out and the amount raised so far.
A set of accounts is not essential but desirable.
Email applications are not accepted and email enquiries are discouraged.
For further information about the Edith Murphy Foundation, visit itswebsite.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
Richard Adkinson
Edith Murphy Foundation
c/o Crane and Walton
113 London Road Leicester
Tel: 0116 255 1901

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