Monday, 8 June 2015

Welsh Government Environmental & Sustainable Development grants

Following the introduction of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (WFG) Act, the Welsh Government will be launching a new project funding stream for small scale projects (up to £15k, subject to revision) or larger scale project (up to £200k, subject to revision). Guidance has yet to be issued, but the new project funding streams are:
Small Scale projects (up to £15k, subject to revision), to be completed by end of March 2016
  • Open to local groups
  • Simple application process
  • Can demonstrate delivery of multiple benefits
Larger scale projects (over £15k up to £200k subject to revision), to be completed by end of March 2017
  • Open to broad range of organisations
  • Looking for innovative approaches and integrated actions delivering multiple benefits
  • Delivering against Ministerial priorities and Bill goals
  • Timescales for applications will be announced shortly
The Welsh Government hopes to open these funds for applications in June, after which you will have 8 weeks to apply for the small scale stream and 12 weeks for the larger scale. We will let you know in this newsletter when we hear.
For more information, visit the Welsh Government website.

(Source: Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens)

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