Friday, 19 June 2015


The Department of Energy and Climate Change is inviting Third Sector organisations in the UK to apply to its £1 million energy advice grants programme.
Now in its third year, the Big Energy Saving Network (BESN) is a £1 million programme of training, support and grant funding for legally constituted Third Sector organisations and community groups able to deliver an extensive programme of outreach to vulnerable consumers. Activities should be focused on helping clients reduce their energy costs through assisted action on tariffs, switching and the take up of energy efficiency offers.
The programme's primary objectives are to:
• Provide assisted action for the maximum number of vulnerable consumers possible with the funding available, helping them save money on their energy costs through attendance at BESN Champion and/or Volunteer led outreach sessions.
• Deliver a training programme to frontline workers who come into regular contact with vulnerable consumers, in order that they can give direct help and advice to clients to help them save money on their energy costs where practical.
The programme of outreach will be led by 170 specially trained Network Champions that will co-ordinate the training of further volunteers and frontline workers.
These volunteers and frontline workers will in turn deliver proactive advice to consumers on energy issues via an assisted action approach.
Each grant award is for a total of £5,000 per 'Champion', which is made up of an initial £4,000 grant to be followed by a further payment of up to £1,000 if the agreed objectives of the grant are met in full.
The funding can be used for:
o Staff costs,
o Venue hire,
o Publicity,
o Printing,
o IT,
o Translation costs,
o Travel and
o Other associated expenses to run events and/or make home visits.
The outreach programme will run through autumn/winter 2015/16, with outreach activity concluding on 21 March 2016.
The deadline for applications is 10pm on Friday 17 July 2015.
Full details can be found on the GOV.UK website.

(Source: GRIN)

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