Monday, 15 February 2016

Rhododendron Trust

The Rhododendron Trust supports social welfare and humanitarian aid projects in the UK and in the developing world. It also funds some cultural and wildlife projects. 
Charities registered in the UK are eligible to apply for awards between £500 and £1,000. The Trust usually allocates around£50,000 annually and gives preference to smaller charitiesover larger ones. Trustees like being invited to Open Days of charities supported, and try to attend.
Applications can be made at any time and will be considered by Trustees just once a year (usually in February or March).
In particular the Trust wishes to support:
o UK charities – The Trust wishes to support those disadvantaged by disability or mental illness (such as those suffering from epilepsy or autism). It also regularly support charities which work with prisoners and ex-offenders, or those addicted to drugs, and the homeless. It funds charities that support carers and which help the elderly or disadvantaged children.
o Arts and Nature - The Trust tends to work through large organisations such as the National Churches Trust and Fauna and Flora International. However, the Trust is open to proposals for small theatre and music projects, and to proposals for the protection of cultural and natural heritage. It is interested in projects which help sustain the environment.
o Developing world charities - The Trust prefers to support charities which benefit people affected by more than just poverty, for example people disadvantaged by disability, age, gender or ethnic status, or by the poor medical, welfare or educational infrastructure in their country. Thus Charities which provide medical aid in countries with very few doctors (such as Merlin orHealth Poverty Action) or which benefit street children or prevent child labour or child soldiers (such as ChildHope and Children in Crisis), or which provide education (such as Book Aid ), or legal protection (such as Goodweave and Womankind Worldwide).
The following are not eligible for funding:
o Local branches of National societies.
o Medical or academic research.
o Missionary charities.
o Individuals, for example, gap-year projects with another charity.
o Charities which help those suffering from cancer or from unusual physical illnesses.
o The hospice movement.
There is no formal application form. Applicants should send a request letter to the Trust. The request letter should not go into much detail about the need which is being met, but give details about how it will be met by a donation from the Rhododendron Trust.
Details of current projects, management of projects, and accounts should accompany the proposal and magazines and other material will be looked at. The applicant will be informed by email within about a month if it has been unsuccessful. PLEASE NOTE: if the applicant does not hear from the Trust then the request has been added to the long list for possible grants.
This list will be considered by Trustees in February or March.
For further information visit the Trust’s website.
Contact details for the Rhododendron Trust are:
Mrs Sarah Oliver
The Rhododendron Trust
6 Bridge Street
North Yorkshire
DL10 4RW

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