Thursday, 20 October 2016

Gwanwyn – Community Grant Scheme Opens for Application

Cultural and community organisations from across Wales can apply for small grants to enable them to participate in the annual Gwanwyn festival in May 2017.
Gwanwyn, which means spring in Welsh, is a month-long national festival held across Wales in May each year celebrating creativity in older age. It is a collaborative initiative between key national organisations led by Age Cymru, and funded by the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government.
Grants of up to £500 are available to ensure that as many properly constituted cultural and community organisations have the opportunity to participate in the Gwanwyn Festival as possible and help Gwanwyn achieve their aims of:
  • Celebrating the opportunity of older age for renewal, growth and creativity.
  • Offering opportunities for greater participation by older people in the arts, such as painting, photography, music, drama, storytelling, literature, dance or film.
  • Promoting the benefits to health and wellbeing for older people by participating in artistic and creative activity in local communities and Wales as a whole.
  • Challenging preconceived and stereotyped ideas of ageing and older people.
  • Advocating and developing professional artists’ working practice to include provision for older people and their communities.
  • Highlighting existing or new opportunities available in local communities across Wales.
  • Working with partners nationally and internationally to improve the quality and availability of arts for and with older people in a wide variety of diverse settings.
To be eligible for funding projects must provide an opportunity for older people (especially those who are socially isolated or living in disadvantaged circumstances) to experience or participate in artistic and/or creative activity (eg Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Film, Storytelling etc).
Projects must also meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • The event will provide an opportunity to promote artistic or creative activity as an aid to the general health and wellbeing of older people.
  • The event will offer an opportunity to perform, exhibit or display examples of the group’s work to members of the general public.
  • The event will be organised primarily for participants or beneficiaries over the age of 50 years.
  • The event will provide an opportunity to challenge negative or stereotypical images of older people within the community.
  • The purpose of the event will be to encourage and attract new members, participants, clients or service users for the host organisation.
Applications are particularly encouraged for projects which an innovative approach to engaging and encouraging participation of older people in arts and creative activity.
The deadline for applications is 7 December 2016.

(Source: Open4Community)

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