Monday, 3 October 2016


The Youth United Foundation supports uniformed youth organisations throughout the UK, including:
o Scouts;
o Girl Guides;
o St. John Ambulance;
o Army Cadets;
o Sea Cadets;
o Boy’s Brigade;
o Girl’s Brigade;
o Marine Society;
o Volunteer Police Cadets;
o Fire Cadets; and
o RAF Air Cadets.
The Foundation particularly aims to increase access and participation in disadvantaged areas.
Grants are awarded for a wide range of purposes and are intended to be flexible in order that diverse local needs can be met.
This may include, for example, supporting:
o Activities;
o Recruitment;
o Delivery; or
o Growth.
Grants are awarded to network members only.
To become a network member, youth organisations must satisfy the following criteria:
o National governance, a trusted reputation and charitable objectives;
o Common, structured activities that are fun, engaging and inclusive;
o Progressive programmes where young people can advance into leadership;
o Focus on youth development (ranging from ages 4-25);
o Adult volunteering and social action as key parts of delivery; and
o A shared, required uniform.
During the year ending 31 March 2015 the Foundation’s grant giving amounted to £7,849,169. Grant award levels vary.
Organisations wishing to apply for a grant should contact theirlocal branch or the Foundation’s main office.
The Foundation has offices in:
o Avon;
o Ayrshire;
o Bedfordshire;
o Cheshire;
o Derbyshire;
o Greater Manchester;
o London; and
o Wales.
Applications may be made at any time.
For further information, visit the Youth United Foundation website.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
Rosie Thomas
The Youth United Foundation
202 Lambert Road
London SE1 7WJ
Tel: 020 7401 7601

(Source: GRIN)

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