Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Barbara Ward Children’s Charity

The Barbara Ward Children’s Charity is a registered charity (no. 1089783) with the following charitable objectives:
“To carry out exclusively charitable purposes anywhere in the world primarily in relation to children and mentally handicapped adults and any person who had been assisted by the charity as a child, whether for the relief of poverty, the promotion of health, the provision of recreational facilities or any such other charitable purposes as may be for the benefit of the community.”
The charity welcomes applications from registered charities and other institutions.
Grants are awarded to organisations serving children who are disadvantaged in some respect. Causes that have previously received funding include educational projects, holidays, care and respite, health and well-being, sport, play and leisure. Grants may also be awarded to charities supporting adults with learning difficulties.
Recent awards have ranged from one-off donations to project-related grants for 2-5 years.
During the year ending 31 December the Charity considered 304 new applications (2014 - 278), of which 36 were approved (2014 - 29), representing a 1 in 9 (11%) likelihood of success.
In the same period the charity approved grant awards totalling £415,599 to 60 organisations.
Awards were from £1,350 to £21,000. Previous awards have included:
Hop, Skip and Jump Respite Care, Swindon (£14,000);
The Ear Foundation (£12,575);
Resources for Autism (£7,000)
Forest of Dean Children's Opportunity Centre (£6,000);
Deafability Resource (£5,000); and
Bag Books (£4,000).
A full list of awards previously made by the Charity is provided on its website.
Applications may be made at any time in writing to the address provided below.
For further information about the Barbara Ward Children’s Charity, visit its website.
Christopher Banks
85 Fleet Street
London EC4 1AE.

(Source: GRIN)

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