Monday, 19 September 2016


The Big Lottery Fund has just announced that, because of the ‘huge success’ of the Fund, it will be allocating an extra £4.1 million of funding so that more groups can apply.
It has also announced that Celebrate UK has entered its final phase of funding, and the final deadline for all applications in all countries is midday on Friday 21 October 2016.  
The Celebrate UK fund provides grants of between £300 and £10,000 to enable voluntary and community organisations, schools and statutory bodies to hold one off events and activities which give their community the chance to come together to mark something important.
This could be, for example, to commemorate a local historic event or simply an opportunity for neighboours to get to know each other better.
Eligible projects must demonstrate that they are open to everyone in the local community. Priority will be given to applications which show:
o Communities coming together to celebrate and share their diverse cultures;
o The proposed activity is something that the local community wants and is led by people within the community.
The following are not eligible for funding:
o The purchase of alcohol;
o Payment to third parties for their help with writing an application;
o New staff posts or existing staff costs that are already being funded (BIG can pay for sessional staff to deliver short term activities and existing staff to carry out project related activities additional to their current role, if they are the most appropriate people to deliver them);
o Vocational training;
o Activities that are publically funded;
o Projects better suited to other Lottery funders;
o Part funding for a major capital project and part funding a large revenue project when other funding is not secured;
o Costs that do not represent good value for money or that Big Lottery thinks are unreasonable. For example, registration or membership fees for existing clubs, loans, interest payments, general appeals, endowments or activities to raise funds for the applicant’s organisation;
o Religious or political activities;
o Large items that only benefit an individual. (A limited number of smaller commemorative items for example may be fundable; however, larger items such as equipment given to one person are not fundable.);
o Retrospective costs;
o Trips outside the UK;
o General running costs which are not part of the project (for example, rates, utility bills, rent and routine repairs and maintenance);
o Second hand vehicles; or
o Recoverable VAT.
To apply, groups must first check that they are eligible using Big Lottery’s eligibility checker (click on the 'How Can I Apply?' tab).
Those who are eligible will be sent a link to download an application form.
Successful applicants will be required to provide evidence of expenditure (including original receipts, bank statements and accurate and comprehensive records relating to the project) for a term of seven years from the project end date.
The final deadline for applications in all countries is 12 noon onFriday 21 October 2016.
Contact details for the Big Lottery Fund are:

0300 123 0735 
(Source: GRIN)

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