Friday, 16 September 2016

Road Safety Trust

The Road Safety Trust aims to support road safety research or practical interventions (focused upon education, engineering or enforcement approaches or a mixture of two or all of these) intended to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured on the UK’s roads.
Grants up to £100,000 are available over a period of up to three years.
PLEASE NOTE: applicants are required to provide some of the project costs from other sources.
Funding is available for projects that are innovative and will enhance the knowledge and practice of the road safety community.
Applicants should be able to give a clear indication of their project's benefit to road safety.
Successful applications will:
o Support the Road Safety Trust’s objectives by developing approaches, knowledge or learning around Road Safety;
o Have a clear statement of the project objectives and a good understanding of the Road Safety issues to be addressed;
o Aim to create a demonstrable benefit to the public regarding road safety;
o Have a project plan with clear milestones and, where appropriate, a clearly explained methodology;
o Have a research or project team able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the literature and skills to complete the project;
o Provide evidence of match funding;
o Have a clear breakdown of costs;
o Include a clear programme and timetable for evaluation of the achievement of the project objectives and impact;
o Involve any or all of the following: an element of innovation, partnership working and sustainability beyond the life of the project;
o Includes a plan for dissemination and publication of any results;
o Have the projects major outputs distributed in the form of published results not the commercial development of any product; and
o Include a clear explanation of why an application is being made to the Trust rather than elsewhere.
Education, enforcement and/or engineering approaches are likely to underpin successful applications. Examples of eligible activity may include trialling the impacts of new projects, including:
o Street layouts and/or features;
o Roads signing;
o Roads policing initiatives;
o Offender education schemes; and
o Tools likely to lead to the enhancement of road safety.
The following are not eligible for funding:
o Applications with a clear profit motive;
o Applications focused on funding for services or activities previously funded in whole or in part by the applicant organisation(s) or a statutory body;
o Applications from individuals (unless they are part of a wider research team);
o Core funding requests;
o 100% of a project's total cost;
o Party political activity;
o Activity which is likely to be in breach of laws relating to equality or opportunity.
Applications are accepted from both public and professional UK organisations including charities and university departments.
Applications from private commercial enterprise, Community Interest Companies and not-for-profit businesses will be considered for funding for projects where the proposed activity is deemed to be charitable, for the benefit of the public and consistent with the principles of the Trust.
The Road Safety Trust’s online application portal can be accessed from the Trust’s website, applicants should include the following headings in their applications:
o Research and/or project objectives;
o Project deliverables;
o Road safety benefits to the road user community;
o Project methodology including ethical and privacy issues;
o Knowledge of the relevant literature or practice;
o Project structure and management, including a clear timetable for the project;
o Experience of the project team;
o Financial aspects, including a clear breakdown of costs and the proportion of total cost requested from the Trust;
o Plans for dissemination and/or publication;
o Proposed methods and timetable for evaluation of the achievement of the project’s objectives and impact;
o Innovation; and
o Next steps (for example, further development, replication of results, roll-out or the potential for sustainability).
The next application deadline is Friday 7 October 2016.
Further information is available from the Road Safety Trust’s website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
The Grants Team
The Road Safety Trust
11 Crosshills
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes MK11 1HD
Tel: 01908 569971
(Source: GRIN)

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