Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Girdler's Company Charitable Trust

The Girdler's Company's main aims are to:
• Improve the quality of life of those disadvantaged by poverty, disability or ill health;
• Provide education and training support in the pursuit of excellence; and
• Preserve or improve the physical fabric of the community.
The five specific areas under which applicants can apply are:
• Medicine and health.
• Education.
• Welfare
• Youth welfare.
• Heritage, environment, humanities and Christian religion.
Each area has an equal preference.
The Trust allocates around £800,000 in grants each year.
Approximately half of this is awarded to its portfolio of around 35 ‘Principle Charities’ with whom it has a long standing relationship. Applications are not invited for this element of the Trust’s funding.
The remaining funding is allocated under a number of schemes,xome of which have long standing links to New Zealand and the Irish Guards.  A number of one-off grants up to £1,000 are available through a small grants programme. Potential applicants are advised to check the Trust's website, its accounts on theCharity Commission website or talk directly to the Trust on the number given below to find out whether an application would be welcomed. 
Geographically almost all grants go to charitable work in England and Wales, with typically half of the grants awarded outside London.
Grants can be used for core costs including salaries, revenue or capital items.
Registered charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) in the UK are eligible to apply.
Organisations must have an annual income below £1 million.PLEASE NOTE: successful applicants are highly unlikely to be awarded a further donation within the following five years.
Applications should be made in writing (no more than two pages) on headed paper and cover each of the following points:
• Which one of the specific areas the application is being made under.
• A brief summary of the organisation’s background and aims.
• The specific nature of the request, highlighting the intended change.
• How the organisation will know if these changes have been achieved.
No accounts need to be provided save for Exempt charities, when audited accounts must be provided.
Annual deadlines are as follows:
o The last Friday in January and
o The last Friday in August.
For further information, visit the Girdlers’ Company website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
The Girdlers' Company Charitable Trust
Girdlers' Hall
Basinghall Avenue
London EC2V 5DD
Tel: 020 7638 0488

(Source: GRIN)

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