Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Rayne Foundation

The Rayne Foundation has a flexible approach in its support of innovative, high quality projects, but is particularly interested in those which are of direct benefit to vulnerable and disadvantaged people or communities.
The Foundation prefers projects which have potential for wider than just local impact and application, those which are likely to encourage funding from or the involvement of other organisations, and/or those which are hard to fund.
The overall theme of the Rayne Foundation is bridge building and it will support charitable causes that set out to achieve bridge building outcomes, such as:
o Increased understanding and/or tolerance.
o Reduced exclusion.
o Reduced conflict.
o New productive relationships that benefit the public.
The Foundation makes grants within four themes:
o Arts;
o Education;
o Health and Medicine; and
o Social Welfare.
Within these four broad themes, applications that apply to the Foundation's evolving list of areas of special interest are encouraged:
o Arts in deprived communities.
o Developing numeracy skills.
o Improved quality of life for older people.
o Young people's improved mental health.
o Improved palliative care in the community. The Foundation is particularly interested in practical projects which explore imaginative ideas improving quality of life for patients, families and carers receiving care at home or in the community. By 'community' the Foundation means in residential or nursing homes, hospitals and other community settings. (PLEASE NOTE: applications for hospice core costs, established 'hospice at home' services, equipment or building developments are not eligible.)
The Foundation will fund the following specific types of costs:
o Salaries and all types of project costs plus a reasonable contribution to overheads.
o ‘Seed corn’ projects which, if successful, are likely to attract other funding.
o General running or core costs (normally for a maximum of three years).
o Capital costs of buildings and equipment.
In the year to 30 November 2014, the Foundation allocated just under £1.7 million in grants, including a number in the South West. The average award was £21,492 and the maximum grant was £75,000 over three years.
The Foundation is, howver, unlikely to fund more than 50% of the total cost.
Priority is given to projects where a grant will help to lever funding and involvement from other organisations,
There is a two-stage application process. Applicants must first complete the Stage One application form that can be downloaded from the Foundation's website
Contact details for the Foundation are:
Morin Carew
The Rayne Foundation
100 George Street
London W1U 8NU
Tel: 020 7487 9656

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