Tuesday, 3 November 2015


The Plunkett Foundation’s Our Urban Shop Grant pilot programme is offering funding for communities in urban areas of the UK to develop and run a community-owned shop that will stock food and other basic provisions.
Grants of between £20,000 and £30,000 are available.
Any urban community group or organisation in the UK can apply. An urban area is defined by the government as having a population of greater than 10,000. For a more detailed definition of the urban/rural distinction, follow this link to a useful government guide
To be eligible, a community must:
o Be based in an urban area of any size within the UK.
o Actively work together to encourage participation and engagement.
o Be in the early stages of exploring the potential of a new community-owned shop or be more developed.
o Want to set up and run a community-owned shop, not a private business.
o Show a need for both business and community development support.
o Show a commitment to multiple forms of investment from the community and other sources, and therefore will not be solely dependent on an ‘Our Urban Shop Grant’.
o Meet the ‘Our Urban Shop’ pilot’s goals and values including overcoming a local community issues and challenges.
o Be willing to work with the 'Our Urban Shop' team in 2015/16.
Funding is to be used to set up an urban community shop that will stock food and other basic provisions. The grant can be used for:
o Incorporation fees.
o Planning applications.
o Accountancy support.
o Other professional fees.
o Purchasing and/or refurbishing premises.
o Printing and promoting a community share offer (up to £50).
o Other essential costs, such as fixtures, fittings, equipment and stock.
The following are not eligible for funding:
o Private businesses.
o Retrospective costs.
o Any costs which someone else is paying, whether in cash or in kind.
o Items that only benefit an individual.
o Staff salaries.
o Funds to build up a reserve or surplus.
o Loan repayments.
o Any costs considered outside the scope of the fund’s scope and goals.
Match funding is required. This can be from a range of different sources, including community shares, other grants, or a loan, if borrowing is needed.
The guidelines and an application form can be found on thePlunkett Foundation website.
Completed application forms, together with an action and business plan can be submitted either by email to Monica Dolan (monica.dolan@plunkett.co.uk) or by post to the Plunkett Foundation.
The deadline for applications is Friday 18 December 2015.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
The Plunkett Foundation
The Quadrangle
OX20 1LH
Tel: 01993 810 730

(Source: GRIN)

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