Monday, 30 November 2015


The main areas of charitable activity of the Rachel Charitable Trust are the provision of financial support to charitable organisations, schools and colleges engaging in:
o Philanthropic aid to relieve the sick and the needy;
o Religious education; and
o The advancement of religion.
The Trust accepts applications for grants from representatives of a wide range of charities, which are reviewed by the trustees on a regular basis.
In the year ending 30 June 2014, the Trust allocated £3,047,040 in grants.
The Trust does not provide details of minimum or maximum grant levels.
The application process is ongoing and interested applicants may apply in writing at any time.
PLEASE NOTE: the Trust does not maintain a website. Further information is however available on the Charity Commission website.
Contact details for the Trust are:
Mr Robert Chalk
The Rachel Charitable Trust
5 Wigmore Street
W1U 1PB  
(Source: GRIN)

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