Monday, 1 August 2016

DWF Foundation

The DWF Foundation is a relatively new charitable trust, registered with the Charity Commission in May 2014.
The Foundation has been set up to help with initiatives that develop and improve local communities by:
o Tackling a specific community issue;
o Helping voluntary and community groups become more effective and efficient;
o Encouraging the involvement in the community of those too often excluded; and
o Enabling young people to develop skills for the benefit of the community.
Projects must address one of the following themes which complement DWF's Corporate Social Responsibility:
o Education;
o Employability;
o Homelessness; and
o Health and Well-being.
PLEASE NOTE: running costs and salaries will only be funded if they are part of a project application.
There is no minimum grant size. The maximum grant is £5,000.
Because the Trust hasn’t completed a full year of grant-giving, we’re unable to give any indication about how many grants the Foundation is likely to award or the split between its four priorities. Although it isn't made clear on the Foundation's website, there is a likelihood the Foundation will favour projects in areas where its offices are located. The Foundation welcomes agencies getting in touch, so we advise emailing the Foundation Manager, Clare Beaven (details below), to check whether it will consider an application.
The Foundation has a long list of items it will not fund, including:
o Academic research;
o Animal welfare;
o Individuals;
o Religious and political causes;
o The advancement of religion; and
o Vehicles and minibuses.
The full list of exclusions are listed on page 2 of the Foundation’sguidance notes.
Registered charities in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland that are working in local communities may apply. Applicants will need to provide their local DWF office location as the local offices are involved in the distribution of funding. The only DWF office in the South West of England is located in Bristol. For a full list of all DWF offices, click HERE.
Although it is not required to provide a reference from a DWF staff member, it is welcomed by the Foundation.
Applications can be submitted at any time and will be considered at the relevant Grant Committee Meeting in August, November, February or May. 
Successful applicants will be notified within a month of the Grant Committee meeting. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.
Further details. together with an online application form can be found on the DWF Foundation website.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
Miss Clare Beaven
The DWF Charitable Foundation
5 St Pauls Square
Old Hall Street
Liverpool L3 9AE

(Source: GRIN)

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