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The Gannett Foundation provides funding to support local registered charities in the areas where Newsquest operates in the UK.
Grants are available within its circulation areas only. Newsquest publications cover much of the South West as well as most other regions in Great Britain. A full list of its titles and the areas covered can be found HERE.
The Foundation selects a different theme each year. The theme for 2016 is the needs of rural communities.
The Foundation likes to see a creative approach to local issues and will consider all applications that meet its general criteria, particularly for:
o Educational projects;
o Neighbourhood improvements;
o Economic development;
o Youth development;
o Community problem solving;
o Assistance for disadvantaged people;
o Environmental conservation; and/or
o Cultural enrichment.
Registered charities can apply for grants between £5,000 and £10,000. Smaller are considered by the Foundation, but it prefers to offer grants within these parameters as it aims to fund imaginative and ambitious larger scale projects, and is happy to co-fund projects with other grant providers.
Awards made in 2015 include:
o £6,000 to pay for 100 home starter kits for rough sleepers on the South Coast;
o £6,940 for an “eye-gaze” tracker for the disabled in East Sussex, enabling computer control by eye movement;
o £3,680 for a polytunnel, fruit trees and gardening tools for a horticultural project in Glasgow;
o £3,000 for the Wales Deaf Rugby Union;
o £2,500 to modernise the stage at a busy community hall in the North West;
o £7,200 for a walk-in cold room for a community farm shop in North Yorkshire; and
o £2,500 for a new pony for disabled riders in Cheshire.
Grants are not available for:
o Individuals;
o Private foundations;
o Organisations which are not registered charities;
o National or regional organisations, unless their programmes address specific local community needs;
o Programmes or initiatives where the primary purpose is the promotion of religious doctrine or tenets;
o Elementary or secondary schools (except to provide special initiatives or programmes not provided by regular school budgets);
o Political action or legislative advocacy groups;
o Endowment funds;
o Multiple-year pledge campaigns;
o Medical or research organisations, including organisations funding single disease research;
o Fraternal groups, athletic teams, bands, volunteer firefighters or similar groups.
Grants are made once a year every autumn. Although the deadline for different areas may vary, to ensure your application is considered this autumn we recommend applying by Monday 29th August 2016.
For further information go to the Gannett Foundation website (please note this a U.S. website, but as the link is provided by the Foundation we expect much of the information will be relevant to applications from Great Britain). 
The guidelines for the scheme can be found at this LINK, while the application form can be downloaded from the newspaper website. We found the application form by typing in "Gannett Foundation" in the search box for different titles, but if you're having difficulty finding the form, we suggest you phone or email the Foundation on the contact details given below.
Contact details for the Foundation are:
The Gannett Foundation
Newsquest Media Group Ltd
58 Church Street
Surrey KT13 8DP
Tel: 01932 821212
(Source: GRIN)

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