Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Edgar E Lawley Foundation

The Edgar E Lawley Foundation prefers to support small charities that engage in and run community projects for the benefit of disadvantaged groups.
In particular, the Foundation seeks to fund projects relating to:
o Elderly people in need;
o Educational purposes with reference to the arts, commerce and industry;
o Children and young people;
o Medicine and medical research;
o People with disabilities; and
o Hospices and other miscellaneous projects.
The Foundation offers grants in the region of £1,500 to UK registered charities, with no match funding requirement.
The Trust’s annual charitable expenditure regularly exceeds £200,000. During the year ending 5 April 2016 the Foundation’s expenditure was £235,759, of which grants totalling £223,500 were made to 149 organisations.
PLEASE NOTE: although priority is given to smaller charities operating in the West Midlands, awards are made across the United Kingdom.
A full list of all awards made last year can be found in the Foundation’s annual accounts on theCharity Commission website and included:
The Foundation will not consider applications for grants from or on behalf of private individuals.
Application forms are available to download from the Foundation's website and should be submitted by email.
The next application deadline is Monday 31 October 2016.
For further information, contact the Foundation at the following address:
Frank Jackson
The Edgar E Lawley Foundation
PO Box 456
Esher KT10 1DP
Tel: 01372 805760
(Source: GRIN)

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